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MFIST series


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Monk fists are hardcoded. They use the MFIST1-8 items; MFIST8 is not available in SoA. I couldn't find any documentation as to which fist is active at various levels, so I did a bit of research. Someone with Tutu/BGT can investigate monk fists for the first 6 levels; this research starts with the monk's SoA starting level of 7.


7-8: MFIST3

9-11: MFIST4


15-17: MFIST6

18-24: MFIST7

25+: MFIST8


Thought we might want to document this somewhere in IESDP.

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A quick look a BGMAIN.exe tells me that this is probably customizable.


There are ~40 (41, but I may have miscounted) mfist# entries--one for each level, I think. So, mfist1 appears twice for levels 1-2, mfist2 thrice for levels 3-5 etc.

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