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DialogChecker: New tool for modders with multi-language mods

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DialogChecker is a multi game tool that allows the translators or the modders to check, compare and edit on the fly every .tra file in search for dialog errors.


Its been a number of times when mods have been programmed and released with translations not working because someone missed a tag, and this simple GUI tool is made to check TRA files individually, or all TRA files in directories in search of missing tags without implementing the translation, running the weidu installer, finding the error, closing the installer, searching for the file, opening it and editing it, saving it, opening weidu again and praying this doesnt happen more than once.


The research and testing for this tool was made by compiling broken .tra files using WeiDU, and checking when WeiDU complained.




- Supports .dlg and .mes files for Arcanum and .tra files for the Infinity Engine games.

- Searches for missing tags.

- Checks for broken secuences in the lines.

- Searches and checks in individual files.

- Searches and checks in various files in a directory - at the same time!

- Edits on-the-fly when a conflict is found.

- When it finds a conflict, it opens the edit window telling you a description of what was found and marking the line.

- Supports .TRA files with ~masculine~ ~feminine~ lines.



This tool is also a multilanguage tool and is currently in english and spanish. Other languages will be added if requested.

This tool also has a GUI for simple usage



DialogChecker and all its detailed documentation and features, readme, usage, screenshots, can be found at http://www.gameapps.com/dialogchecker.htm (site in english) and http://www.gameapps.com/dialogchecker_sp.htm (site in spanish), and for this tool Theo IS giving support, so any suggestions are welcome. :suspect:



Notice that this tool is a multi-game tool so the aforementioned capabilities are for the TRA files specifically, the Arcanum .dlg files are another story and have nothing to do with the IE Community.

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