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Cursed Items


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Echon had already thought about this in his FotD module for BG/TotSC and I do believe it would be a great tweak to add to the BG2 Tweak Pack.


We all know perfectly well that curses on items never work (they just cause disappointment) because we all identify a magical object before we use it and then, once we find it's cursed, we discard/sell it.


Echon smartly thought to have Identify fail to reveal the true nature of such objects substituting the true description with an enticing one of friendly magic.


Do you think we could work out something about this ?


It would be enough to count the cursed items (scrolls, rings, weapons, bracers,ecc.) and substitute the identified item description with the "fake" description. Once the item is worn, we should make the identified description change to the real, cursed one.


Is this technically possible ? Is there any who would like to work on this ? :suspect:


I could help by making a list of the objects but I am no coder...

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OK, I'm with you so far, but it would be nice if there were a way a determined adventurer could avoid the curse--true sight, something like that.


Yes, I also think that having a way to identify the real property of the cursed item should exist.


I don't know if this is technically possible though...

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You could have the item destroy itself and create a new item with the cursed description.


Yes! I thought that myself actually...I just lack the modding skills but I am presently making a copy of all the cursed items in TuTu and BG2 and the list is not that big. I would make for each objects a identified description that might hint that the object is not completely....reliable so that the more cautious adventurers might decide to not use it... :suspect:


But there can't be any way that I can think of to do like berelinde suggested...An item is either identified or not identified...Not to mention that I don't want to mess with spells...

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This would certainly make cursed items a bit more interesting in tha game. I suppose this could be a chance to introduce "Legend Lore" as a spell, thus giving the ability to detect cursed weapons, if one wishes to keep a lookout for them with a 6th level spell.


It would also be nice for those with high Lore to be able to identify cursed items correctly, but that could be difficult to pull off. Possibly by using the destroy/replace trick that NiGHTMARE suggested?

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It would not be that difficult, 1/ copy the cursed item in a new name, 2/ remove the equipped abilities and replace with "create item in slot" nameing the new cursed item.


Legend Lore would be a little more tricky, as you have to trip the item change, I would guess something like, summoning a invisible creature and equipping the item, this trips the item change then, idenitify the changed item, kill the invisible creature leaving the item behind. So it is possible.

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