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I need help with a great many of things:


1) Proof-Reading/Editing. The importance of it cannot be overestimated for a dialogue-based mod! Basically, I am happy to take a hands-off approach with editing. Make the work grammatically sound (as long as the NPC voice is not sacrificed) and pleasing to a native Anglophones’ eyes and I am a happy camper. Obviously, if the sentence does not make any sense at all, get me on board, and we’ll figure the best way to say it.


2) Testers. I’ll need a couple-three people to feedback on various issues, which include but not limited to:


-Dialogue frequency. The dialogues are driven by timers, and I had to switch from Real Timers to Global ones, so they’ll need to be increased. I need observations regarding this. I need to see if the Chapter count works the same in IWD2 as in BG-series.


-Character Optimization. If any of the characters seems to be too weak, and it can be helped via stats/feats/skills adjusts on the 1st level, please, let me know.


-Scenery/Interjection places for each character that you spotted. While I tried to integrate a lot of “third†NPC remarks in the basic NPC-NPC banter, I did not do many with PC-NPC banter.


-General dialogue comments (unclarity etc)


3) Artists. At the moment only one portrait is vaguely IWD2 style. I would love to have them all matching the IWD2 style of the portraits! If you think you can do it, please, do!

4) Voice Actors. I don’t ask much! Just the soundsets. Currently, I have only 3 sets voiced: Nikosh, Hildury and Salomeya. I need Nord, Jaemal, Diriel and Prachi. Please, please, volounteer, if you can voice-record!

5) Item Makers. I would not mind some of the NPCs to have one special item. SO far, the only one I can think of is Salomeya’s Garrote, so you’ll have a free hand there, as long as the items are not overpowered!


So, if you think you can help out a little, please, let me know!

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6) Music. I knew I forgot to add something. IWd-series music is fantastic, so finding themes for NPcs to match up is not going to be an easy task. So, if you have something in mind, please let me know. :suspect:

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Great, thank you, Catseye. I will try to organze the Project Workroom, and then get everyone on board with access via bothering Cam :)


@Nightmare: Thank you, I'll brose it, though I cannot see anything that fits the characters off-hand. Prachi is the toughest one.

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I greatly enjoyed your work on the BG1 NPC project, as well as some other of your mods. This one sounds like a very good one too. I've always liked the rules of Icewind Dale II, and the story wasn't half bad either, but it does tend to get a bit repetitive with all the hack'n slash. Some talking NPCs would go a long way towards raising this game from the "good" to the "excellent" level. All of which is a long-winded way of saying I'd love to lend a hand.


English is my second language, but I like to think it's rather good all the same, so I could do proof-reading and editing. (Uh... see it as valuable cross-cultural input on the clarity of your writing. :) ) Testing is also possible, though that would take rather more time I think. No talents where the other stuff is concerned, sorry!

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Heya, I'd like someone to start a new test game once I add Prachi in, which should be in about 2 weeks time, concentrating on her as the testing subject; if that works for you, I'll give you a shout then :)

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I would love nothing more than to test play your mod right this second, but it would appear that *genius* over here seems to have misplaced her copy of Icewind Dale 2 (I.E. a friend borrowed it and conveniently "lost" it over their vacation) I won't be able to run over to the store and purchase a new copy until the weekend. (which I fervently pray they still have in stock, I can't believe I never played it while I owned it)


However, if you would like me to proofread banters or whatnot, just send them to me or whatever, and I'll gladly oblige.

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Thank you! If you don't mind, I'll ask you the same thing as Iguana - I am gearing up to have the second Alpha with a number of improvements - such as more realistic timers, better-integrated soundsets, the first interjections, Prachi's material and most importantly a descision made on feasability of the "At Rest/Waking" banter - out pretty quickly and then I can start a few more people with running it.

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Would you mind PMing me the link to download the project. I'd like to give this a shot. I'm currently alpha-ing BG1 NPC, but I like to mix it up a bit so I don't get bored repeating the same things over and over.


Edit: please disregard this request. I have found the dowload link, so housework for the remainder of the day is simply not going to happen.

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