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Banter Repeating

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I've had the talk with Anomen about his decision not to remain celibate three or four times now. I think it might be blocking other talks.


Also, some of the replies mention "What I said in Saerk's house," and that is a scene that has not yet happened in this game.


Is there some variable I should set or reset?


I like the banter itself, by the way. It's got both some lovely ways of encouraging Anomen & a couple of good ways for letting him down gently.

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Is that the one starting with Anomen saying:


~My love, I know that there are those who preach that a true knight should stay away from the earthly pursuits, but you have proven me that true love is the strongest forger of spirits devoted to goodness.~


If yes, you might try selecting Anomen so that his portrait is "flashing" and set


"P#AnomenKivanConflict","LOCALS" to 2. (Or change it in the SK). I hope that will help; I'll need to add a Global to the scene in Saerk's house, because I can never figure out what records the thing's occuring in the game :)

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I don't think this LOCALS affects RA; It actually cannot, because it is set on Anomen, and Kivan won't know about it. The only piece of script that I append to Anomen is initiating that banter.


Anomen's romance is shut down in this particular path throuygh the conversation (which is pretty obvious, I think):


PC: ~Anomen, what I said, I said in a turmoil of passions and to avert a great beast which was tearing you apart. I see how your spirit has hardened since, and I deem that it is now invincible. I beg humbly of you to forgive me my insincerity.~


Anomen: ~Your love was a... lie? It wounds me deeply, but you lied for my salvation. Perhaps, the words you have said then were not as far away from truth as you believe presently. Under grave circumstances our tongues do reveal what is hidden on the very bottom of our souls.~


PC: ~Anomen, I know full well how I feel about you. I do not love you, knight. And I never will.~


Anomen: ~There is no cure then.~


All other path seems to shut down Kiv's romance or re-set Anomens' to 1 (which I need to scratch out, since that will probably conflict with Bio's romance.)

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Odd. When the conversation occured, I was very careful to choose one of the two "I love you options" each time. I wonder what did reset Anomen?


Edit to add: I don't think the RA was at 2 yet when I got the banter; he'd only recently been knighted--I really rushed to Spellhold this time around.

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IIRC Anomen's RA is set to 2 immediately after he becomes knighted; the banter is scripted to appear only if Anomen is LG and his RA=2... Weird. This one is in the 'needs retesting' atm, so I will be looking at it extra-carefully. I am not sure at all what resets Anomen's RA to 3. What's Kivan RA?

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I'm not too good at checking variables, so I'm not sure I got the right one. I found a Kivanromanceinactive=1.


It pretty much has to be resetting this banter that changed Anomen's to 3--does the variable change depending on which answer you give? He was flirting all the way up until I reset the varable & stopped right after (Quite aside from the content, I love the flirtpack for the way it serves as a quick-check on the romance status).


Now that I've re-reset the variable to 2, I've had the flower talk :)

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It is very, very weird. Inactive means that Kivan's romance is stopped in this exchange. Why would Anomen's go to 3, beats me, but i will run through the scripts. I generally did not stop other romances, mainly stopping Kivan's only. Oh, and that reminds me to check if I have anywhere a quick script that zeroes P#KivanLove if Romance goes inactive.

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The more i think about it, the less I like the variable configuration in this one. It really needs a serious rework the way the banter is triggered and the outcomes handled. I hope I 'll be able to make it make sense.

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