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New EasyTutu Version Available


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Hello -


An updated version of EasyTutu is now available for download. What's new:


* Corrected a crash bug that occurred for no-TotSC users when fighting Tenygan (Drizzt map) or Algernon (and possibly others as well). The bug was caused by the affected creatures using a soundset element that is specific to Tales of the Sword Coast installations.


* Journal oversights: the enhanced BG2-style journal work previously applied to the pre-Baldur's Gate parts of the game overlooked journal entries resulting from tavern rumors. This oversight has been corrected (affected files: _rfrien.dlg, _rbaldu.dlg, _rcandl.dlg, _rbereg.dlg, _rnashk.dlg).


* The Potion of Freedom and the Ring of Free Action were not providing protection against all types of 'Hold' magic -- they have been corrected to do so.


* Corrected a couple of issues in Minsc's dialog (Dynaheir's death variable was truncated in a couple of spots, and one transition mistakenly issued ActionOverrides to Jaheira instead of to Dynaheir).


* Reactivated the Dimension Door spell such that it can be scribed / cast by mages, and selected by sorcerers as one of their level four spells.


* The previous patch to slings (29 March 2006) to prevent a strength bonus from being applied to their damage overlooked the fact that enchanted bullets were also flagged as inflicting strength damage. The strength damage bonus has now been removed from these enchanted bullets as well.


* Prior to this update, Kirinhale in Durlag's Tower cast some spells at level zero, which prevented various spell protections from blocking those spells. The spells in question have been assigned appropriate non-zero casting levels in order to correct this issue.


* Removed some derelict, TotSC-specific script code from the Undercity area script (_AR0123.BCS).


* The installer now creates a shortcut to the game configuration program (BGConfig.exe) in the start menu folder selected during the installation process.


The downloads are in their usual spot on the EasyTutu page.

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