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I tried the Battleguard of Tempus of the BG1NPC banterpack. I think that to be able to create at level 1 an axe which grant five stars is far too powerful. Then, the loss of one spell by level is easily compensated by the new innate abilities gained.


I would suggest less radical changes from the classic cleric:

- avantages: can put five stars on axe proficiency

- disavantages: one less spell by level

This way the Battleguard would need to gain power with the axes and will pay a price for this too, better fighter but worse spellcaster.


By the way, I will use this thread to congratulate the mod's authors: this cleric remix seems very promising. :D

Any chance to have a priest of Finder kit? :D

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Thanks for the kind words! I'm sure Finders are on the list somewhere; if not I'm sure NiGHTMARE can do his usual research wizardry and we'll draft one.


The issue of grandmastery for the spiritual weapons was a subject of much debate in the workroom. Ultimately, we decided to go with grandmastery for a few reasons:

  • We felt that the spiritual weapon should be better than other magic weapons for the cleric at all levels. After all, it's the weapon of choice of their deity, so it should be better than spells such as Flame Blade, Shillegagh, etc.
  • Clerics do not get the extra attacks from grandmastery (engine limitation) so it's not quite as unbalancing as you may think
  • We did not want to penalize kitted clerics that are dual-classed to fighter. Since some spirit weapons are not usually used by clerics (i.e. axes and spears) we need to provide some level of proficiency with the spell. However, since cleric/fighter dualclasses can achieve grandmastery, anything short of five stars would be a penalty. Unfortunately, there is not way to add stars, only to set them at a certain level (another engine limitation).
  • One more engine limitation is that we can not allow cleric kits to use weapons such as an axe without also allowing regular clerics to use them as well. With this in mind, we made the decision to not have non-standard cleric weapon usability--a major deviation from PnP, but also a necessary one.

You're right that the loss of one spell per level is not too much of a disadvantage; however one big balancing factor that is often overlooked are the sphere restrictions. Especially at the higher levels where clerics need major sphere access, you'll find some of your favorite spells are no longer there. It's not as noticeable in the lower levels where clerics have a lot of minor access.

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From a role-playing perspective, there's a major problem for Finders; at the time the Baldur's Gate series takes place (around 1368-1370 DR), the only priests Finder Wyvernspur has are Saurials... and there are only six of those! All his human followers in this time period are either bards or artists.


Even if we were to make an exception to this for the PC, it would still mean that a priestly CHARNAME would have grown up in the servitude of some other deity, and for some reason recently switched to Finder.

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Ok, I didn't know about the number of attacks by round. When I saw Branwen slashing through Greywolf when my cavalier and Khalid failed to hit him I was surprised. :D

It is too bad that you can't allow five stars for some kits. :D

And yes I noted that Branwen wasn't able to cast hold person, one of my favourite spells in BG1.

For Finder, maybe a good idea would be a quest to become one of his priest in BG1, and the class quest could be to found a temple of Finder in Amn for BG2?

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Unfortunately the way the game does weapons it is very hard/pretty much impossible to give each kit special restrictions. :D


And about Hold Person, the spell restrictions do make different kits play differently. You want some new abilities, you sacrifice some others... :D


I'm not too sure about Finder, but it's something to consider.

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