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IWD 1 - switch off weapon restrictions?

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Hi Folks!


Hopefully questions like the following are allowed in this forum. I tried a lot of forum-searchs and of course all-mighty Google but without success. Okay, here it comes:


Is there any way to switch-off (by editing a file, using editors, whatever) weapon restrictions in IWD 1? I know, it would be kind of cheating but because of the 3. editions it strikes me like an outdated style of playing... (it would be so nice to have a cleric with a nice crossbow. A fighter/cleric-tank using slings? Come on....)


If anybody could give my a hint or link or even could explain me how to do it (if it can be done) I would be really grateful


Thanks in advance


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If you're looking for a mod to do it, I believe igi's iiTweak does this, but I can not find a link to it on his site. If you're looking to do it yourself, as Avenger says, it's just a matter of writing a quick patch to remove all usability flags from items.

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Thank you so much!


Actually I also wasn´t able to find Igi´s Tweak. But by clinking on nearly every link given by Google from this search I found a "hidden" network of modders which lead me eventually to this page:




The tweak "Icewind Dale Improvements" is exactly what I was looking for. Without you I would never have found it, because as I said, I already tried serveral searches on this matter.


So, thanks again for the nearly instant answers.


Now, evil really has to be afraid in the Icewind Dales !!!

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