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Refinements v1.0 available


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Since both TG Maestro and Littiz have neglected to do some advertising, I'm posting this at various forums.



Throne of Bhaal - Refinements Mod is now available.


*from the readme*


The Refinements Mod is somewhat of an arrogant project. We feel that many things in the game are somehow misplaced, not detailed enough, not balanced enough, not cool enough, or... you get the picture. So we've tried to fix them, with the aim to provide a fitting new standard form for the game. We don't know how many people will agree with this presumption, but we'll act as if they are many.


This project started with one us (Littiz) offering to WeiDU-code some material the other author (T.G.Maestro) was producing for personal use (new HLAs and tables for various classes, to be exact).

Some things don't deserve to be wasted :D We have focused on different things, but "kept an eye" on each other, shared ideas, corrected things and much more. This has evolved into a project where both authors have contributed much to the final product. Now we feel this mod is our "common property"!



The components of this mod include:


1- New HLAs Tables for all classes*

2- "SwashImoen"

3- Shapeshifting fix

4- Universal lesser mage robes

5- Sword Angel Kit*

6- CamDawg's World Map Fixes

7- CamDawg's Weapon Animation Tweaks


*: these components include a complete fix for the 5th level spell "Spell Shield".



1. The revised HLA tables have been entirely re-designed and re-built HLAs tables for all classes and kits in

the game to provide distinctive class specific HLAs.


2. Turns Imoen in a Swashbuckler/Mage.


3. Complete fixes for all druids' shapeshifting forms. Eliminates the dispellable claws problem and many others for the Shapeshifted forms.


4. This component alters the lesser mage robes to be useable by monks too.


5. A noble fighter, with a focus on "spiritual" abilities and HLAs. If you want to play an extremely good character, and try a new challenge...

*Not* for powergamers!!!


6. Corrections to the SoA world map. Also available in the G3 Tweak Pack. Only install one copy of this.


7. Adjustments to the animation sequences of spears, staves, and short swords. Also available in the G3 Tweak Pack. Only install one copy of this.



It is highly recommended that both the Virtue mod and the Rogue Rebalancing mod be installed along with Refinements. Also, any item mods should be installed prior to Refinements for the Sword Angel weapon restrictions and Camdawg's weapon animation tweaks to take effect. See the documentation for more information.




Refinements can be downloaded from its main site:




and also from its mirror:





More information on the mod can be found at the website: http://refinements.nocturnalsupremacy.net/ or by following the link to its mirror www.refinements.tk


There is also a forum for bug reports, suggestions, balance comments and any complaints or other things that you want to say at http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=116





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