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Playtesters: v12alpha 11


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because I am still stuck on a few things to be fixed up. Sorry for the delay... but it will be a definite plus if I can get a few of these nailed down before some of you start your run. It is amazing what a preliminary Tra-ification will tell you :)


I have also lost my list of playtesters due to miss-archiving older posts; if you are currently signed up (or you want to be) and are still interested (Riane, berelinde, Inuna, Ajnos, Katerina, Thorgal, Ascendency_Down and Andrew I have you) and especially if you cannot see/post on the internal Playtesting Forum, please PM me so I can send a list to Cam and get reorganized!


I hope to be up and running by late afternoon CST August 10.

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