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[fixed] BG2Tweaks: Faster scenes not working?


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I installed the mod, and over this mod 18 others, like i always do. :)


Usually when i install EOU i do it before any other, so this time i did the same with BG2Tweaks.


Well, the faster scenes arent working. At least the one in irenicus lab (i didnt get farther than that yet :)). I re-checked, it was indeed installed. But to be sure i reinstalled it and started a new game. Its no use. :/


Hope this report is useful. :) Plz fix0r it!!!! :D






EDIT: Im out of irenicus lab. The scene where he kidnaps imoen works as it should, so it seems its the 1st scene the one that has the problem... ill keep reporting though! :D

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It's probably not related to your problem, but it's usually best to install a tweak packs quite late in the install, rather than early on. This way any global changes will alter content added by those other mods.


For example, if you install the Remove Helmet Animations component after a mod which adds new helmets, those new helmets will be affected. If you install Remove Helmet Animations before the other mod, the new helmets will still have animations.

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So basically installing the Tweaks after... Okay. Yes, i was wondering WHY the potion stacking and helmet animations were still there too.


Anyway, to add to this report: All the rest of the cutscenes are working so far.


It is very strange, anyway cos most of the time i install the same mods, and EOU is one of the first i install, and all the fast cutscenes work like that... Thats why it was strange to me that this time with the tweaks the 1st cuscene didnt work, but all the rest worked fine O_O


Cya!! :)

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When you say it "doesn't work", do you mean the cutscene doesn't appear at all, or it acts like it does in the unmodded game?


If the former, you're not by any chance using the 'Remove the First Cutscene' from my Imoen the Bard mod, are you?

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Night: It doesnt work as "Oh, the child of bhaal has awoken... its time for more experiments" ... "more intruders have enter the complex, master" "omg they act sooner than we have anticipated"... and the rest of the 1st very annoying and long cutscene... :) So its like the unmodded game, yes.


And i dont use any mod for imoen, in fact i dont use any mod ive never used before, except fixpack and tweakpack itself, thats why its so strange.


By the way. I reinstalled bg2 and installed all mods again, this time the tweakpack last, and i still have the same problem. The 1st cutscene is the normal one from the game itself, but all the rest faster cutscenes are working perfectly!



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FWIW I had the same prolem with cutscenes, the first one was long, the rest are shorter, all stacking appear to work fine for me, but I may have a probelm with the fixpack, i get lots of x is busy, never had them before.

Is there a way to check if my cloned install already has baldurdash and would that couse it.

I don't see the baldurdash install file in the base directory I cloned from so I didn't thnke it was installed.


Also is there a way to find out what version, ie. is the latest patch installed, from one of the main menus I found it once a long time ago but can't find it now.

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