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#53 animation change (in how)


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I know this is only vaguely IESDP related, but it is possible to fix the animation change crasher in HoW.

You just have to replace a single byte in the exe.



On position: 0xf9144 there is an 0xe8 byte. Replace it with 0x35.


original iwd:

On position: 0xe932c there is an 0xe8 byte. Replace it with 0x35.


Technically, it is a call which goes into an infinite loop. 0x35 just replaces the call with an irrelevant instruction.

It is pure coincidence that the effect opcode is also 0x35.


(btw, i now am able to see/understand most of the bg2/how/iwd2 opcodes, so if anyone has questions about them, i can make it top priority).

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Debugging, of course.

IWD2 lacks the stack frames, which makes it tough, but not impossible.

HoW/BG2 are pretty readable, and IWD2 resembles them anyway.

Right now i'm decoding the spell protection selector (or iwd ids targeting). The mechanism used by opcodes 206, 290, and 402.

I'll give a list what exactly it does, soon.

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