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Coran question *spoiler*


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First off, hello! I'm all shiny and brand-new.


I just downloaded the BG1 NPC mod ooooooh, I'd say perhaps a week ago. (In other words, I'm not sure if it's v11 or v12). I'm quite a ways through the Coran romance. He's fetched me the moon and sworn love and fidelity, and I got the first baby sub-plot talk... "Luck be a lady, and you be my lady luck...." So far, so good. Then, instead of getting the next baby talk, (where he talks to me about Briel) he suddenly announces that he's taking the baby back to Briel and that I should meet him in the Sturgeon. When I go to meet him in the Sturgeon, he walks up to me and the flirt-talk menu pops up. I chose a random flirt, then he pauses and talks again just to say "Hey, let's go!" and that was it. Now, I've never done this romance before, but I'm fairly certain that's not supposed to be happening. Any advice?

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Weeeeell, nevermind! I did an advance real time with CLUA and fixed the issue. Now I'm having an issue where, every time I go to rest the flirt menu pops up instead. Then, when I chose to rest a second time, it rests properly. Also, I can't get the last lovetalk, no matter what I do. Now, I can handle the flirt thing (I just pretend that Coran *really* likes me) but I really want to get the last lovetalk. Because I'm uuuuuh, insatiably curious. (I don't like to not know). Is there anyway I can force this talk through the CLUA?


And, by the way, I *love* the BG1 NPC mod. This really is what BG1 was missing, and it adds a layer of depth to the game. Also, all the characters are written so well, with very careful attention paid to who the character is and how they would act. It's beautiful! I also really, really like the Coran romance, which is really quite captivating. Thank you!

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I know Domi will be along to help soon; this difficulty is fixed in the next version (you are currently on v11!). If she isn't able to respond by Monday pm, I will take a look and see if I can help with setting up for the last lovetalk and clearing that flirt :).

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Because I'm uuuuuh, insatiably curious. (I don't like to not know). Is there anyway I can force this talk through the CLUA?


Unfortunately not before V12. When I was adding more Coran's content to V11, I copy-pasted over that last talk (I know, I know, it sounds dumb, but it is true). We restored it for V12. Cmorgan probably already gave you the Global name to prevent the talk from poping up all the time which will shut down the flirt-menu appearances.

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Umm. Domi,. I'm an idiot :) . I can't find the reference right now, and I have scanned through the workroom and my worklog. I know we re-incorporated this; I just can't remember the appropriate variable setting to suggest for v11 to end the infinite-flirt loop.


OK, hold on --- ignore me. I just realized I could go back through these threads and find your advice!



and I will get the complete reference...


OK, in v11



should do it. Make sure you spell the variable name exactly as shown :)


for the next version of the alpha (v12 alpha 12), this variable will be P#CorCommitTalk - updated all 28 references (including the 5 timer BAFs).

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