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Some Issues


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1. An LT with Amber will come up, but I get NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES and what the next segment of her dialogue is supposed to be instead "End Dialogue" on the button at the bottom of the dialogue screen. This requires reloading from an earlier save, selecting Amber, and pushing SHIFT-K, then the talk will generally proceed normally. My first thought was to not say anything about this, since you have a built-in solution (the stringfixer), but it's happened so often that it's somewhat disrupting gameplay. It is entirely possible that the issue is not Amber, but some other mods I have installed, but I haven't done any uninstalling or reinstalling or general changing of mod orders...I can post my WeiDU log if you wish, though.


2. After I go through the process above and do get a valid LT, it's always "Hmm, never mind actually, I'm beginning to feel like I bother you too often." I've tried telling her she's a valuable companion multiple times and flirting with her. M#AMBERLIKE is at 109 (which is strange, b/c I remember it being higher before, and I haven't really said anything offensive to her - unless *SPOILER* taking her waterskin when she offers it, which causes her to become vastly annoyed, would do it *END SPOILER*) and M#AMBERTALK is at 52. I've tried changing M#AMBERLIKE to 111 both with and without changing M#AMBERTALK to 53, but she still says the same thing.

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You played the P2 romance, right?


I've made fatal bug in the script of P2's Amber initiated flirts, that why you get the "I'm bothering you too much"-line. How ever the bug wont come apparent before the very last medium-level Amber initiated flirt. You don't necessarily don't get that, but since the next lovetalk your waiting for has a pretty strict conditions (besides the normal timer expired condition, you must rest outside at night) it can happen. That likely why this haven't come up in beta testing, because testers have know what to do to trigger the next lovetalk.


There is more about this issue here.


I'm sorry that I didn't give you heads up for this issue, even though I knew you might run to it like Elurin, who also player the P2 romance. (I haven't been home much this weekend.)

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