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Your favourite BG1NPC moment


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What the title says. Seeing as how the first few pages are filled with bug reports, I don't think that's a bad thing. And who knows, feedback like this may even prove useful for the Honoured Modders beyond giving a warm fuzzy feeling, in that it shows what really works for people.


Anyway, I'll kick off:


My favourite moment would be walking into the Elfsong Inn in Baldur's Gate and having Imoen throw an impromptu "birthday" party for my character, complete with home made present.

Took me completely by surprise, as it had apparently been added in an update since my last playthrough. Very much in character, very sweet, very effective. In games like these, you're always working on solving other people's problems. This little scene threw the balance the other way for a short while, without having to put many words into my character's mouth, without having to account for a myriad of different backgrounds and characters. It touched me more than any romance in any such game ever did. Kudos!


Then again, on the minus side it has made it completely impossible for me to ever play a party without Imoen in it, between stuff like this and her interactions regarding Gorion's death. this way I'll never see all of the other npcs...

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The problem is that I can't point to one moment and say "That made it all worthwhile." The whole thing is like that, one interaction at a time. I treasure each and every dialog because they just didn't happen in the original.

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I have to say that there wasn't any real one moment for me either.


The only reason I dug out BG1 again, the only reason I went through the complicated (not so bad, but a lot more involved then 'press this button and you're done') install of BGT... was so I could try out this mod.


It's been amazing. I really like how the characters are brought to life, how the game has been so much more fleshed out. It was a great game to begin with, but with BG1NPC it really shines.


Thanks for all the work everyone!!


:) and :)


Plus I do have to add that because of the work done on Kivan, I've finally gotten him in the group, and am a newly minted groupie of his. :)

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