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.2DAs, Spell-Immunity and Casting Levels


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I've posted this at several other forums, but for maximum coverage I'll put it up here as well.


I'm working on creating a spell which when cast will bring up a submenu of choices. I have examined Spell Immunity, and created a new .2DA with the appropriate spells included and referenced in the .2DA. All I have done there, is add additional rows and changed which spell files are being called. I have left the 'type' field at 3.


One of the spells I want to be able to cast is Magic Missle. This spell casts fine, but only one missle is fired off, when the caster should be capable of firing off 5 missles. The NPC casting this spell is level 25, the pseudo-spell immunity spell is a level 9 innate, and I have set the power of the spell effect that brings up the submenu (opcode 214: Select spell) to 9. Nothing seems to affect the level at which the spell is cast at. Since several other of the spells have multiple extended spell headers like magic missle, the level at which the spell is cast is significant. Any pointers would be very much welcome.

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I figured this one out. Turns out that I need the .cre to have the proper number of mage levels in order for the higher level extended headers of submenu mage spells to be used. Simple solution of making the adjusting the class of the .cre and raising the mage levels in order to achieve the desired effect.

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