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Weird bug


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I am ready to descend the stairs to the tree of life. Amber is currently not in my party. As I descend the stairs, the dialogues with my party members begin.


Trouble is, the first dialogue I get is with Amber - even though she isn't in my party. Regardless of what option I choose, the dialogue ends (obviously because Amber isn't there to answer).


Help? :)


EDIT: I've just noticed that another user has had this problem (last entry July 15th). Sorry for posting another thread about the same problem.


Has a solution been found? Is there anything I can do?

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Well, you can either wait till weekend (I try to get the next version out by then, though it depends on if I have to do extra hours at work on Thursday) or you can uninstall Amber, go to the amber/dialogs/ and open interject.d. There you find these lines:


lines 1322-1324

INTERJECT PLAYER1 33 M#AmberTreeOfLifeRomance2
== PLAYER1 IF ~Global("M#AmberRomanceActive","GLOBAL",2)



INTERJECT PLAYER1 33 M#AmberTreeOfLifeFriendship
== PLAYER1 IF ~Global("M#AmberFriend","GLOBAL",1)~



== PLAYER1 IF ~!Global("M#AmberFriend","GLOBAL",1)


And add InParty("m#amber") inside the each set of tildes. Then re-install.


OR just uninstall Amber, if she's not in your party and you're about to end the game there's no need for her to be installed. :) That will remove the troublesome parts of Amber from the tree of life.

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Hey Meira, thanks for the answer.


I uninstalled Amber today, but at the end of the process, the Weidu-window continued, and suddenly re-installed Dungeon-Be-Gone. (?)


Will this have an effect on my game or is it just a weird side-effect?


Thanks for providing me with this NPC - it was a great experience. Here's hoping for ToB-content, so Amber can be more than an Immy-substitute :)

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Weidu is layered... I'm assuming Amber was installed before DBG, and hence to remove Amber, DBG had to be removed, then Amber, then DBG reinstalled. Perfectly normal procedure.


That explains it. Thanks Ernie :)

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