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Possible bug..


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Heya, Ive just noticed that my Lilarcor was too silent.









I deleted this part from baldur.bcs and now the sword seems to be fine again, I don't recall if this was inserted from the tweak, but it seems the most logical choice.


Dunno, but this one was very strange, did this happened only to me?

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Once I get off my arse and fix the Anomen component to use tge dialogues directly for taking and giving his AnomenIsSpecial stuff, this (along with a whole slew of other bugs) should be fixed. And yeah, Li%AnoTweak is the Anomen component of NPC Tweak. I'm not sure why that would affect Lilarcor, but it hardly surprises me - I wrote that code about 3 years ago when I barely understood what I was doing.

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