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Who is Jelina?

Grim Squeaker

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Well, it's finally time for us to show off the little project we've been working on. Jelina is an NPC that Alarielle and I have been working on, on and off, for the past two years. She is a female fighter/cleric of Lathander who can be met in the Umar Hills.




'When asked about her past, JELINA smiles sadly. She tells you that ten years ago, she and her father travelled to Athkatla where he died after a vampire attack, leaving her as an orphan. After his death, she was taken in by the Temple of Lathander where she began her training as both warrior and missionary, under the watchful eye of her teacher, Dawnmaster Eran. Over the years, he became like a father to her, caring for her when she had no one. When he announced that he was to journey to the Umar Hills to act as a missionary, she begged to be sent with him. His teachings have given Jelina a strong determination to serve the Morninglord in all she does and to one day complete her training as a priest.'


Once the mod is complete she will have a romance for a male human/half-elf/elf protagonist.


Finally, we'd like to thank Bons for making us such a fantastic portrait:



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CHARISMA = 13 ?? :(


She's too beautiful for that. ;)


Heh, however the Charisma attribute doesn't just mean how attractive she is. 13 is still above average and reflects her appearance and general niceness. However, she isn't some amazing diplomat or James Bond's twin sister.

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This looks really good. She seems like she'll fit into the game pretty well (ie, no overpowered stats or loads of special magical items). My interest is piqued. :(


Her portrait is gorgeous, and I think the high cheekbones make her look elven enough without huge pointy ears.


I don't think that charisma really measures physical attractiveness. 13 is good; I'm a bit tired of seeing NPCs with 18 (or more) charisma.

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Guest Antignition

You can tell quite a bit on a mod by starting with the quality of the portrait.


All I can say is, I seriously hope the end result justifies such a wonderful portrait. Calling it seamless with BioWare's work is an understatement.


Fantastic job.

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