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Does removing a party member kill the romance?


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I'm considering doing the 'remove 4 party members around Drizzt' trick so that I can kill him off and steal all his sexy items without having my guts for garters, but I'm wondering if removing Dynaheir from the party kills the romance I'm having with her, like the romances tend to do in the second game, in which case I'll avoid it.




<And while I'm posting, I might as well ask. Is there something wrong with the registration? I registered for an account a while back, waited for my confirmation e-mail which never came, but then I was able to log in anyway. But then even before I posted anything with that account I tried to log in with it again and it had been deleted (I did the whole password retrieval thing and it said that user didn't exist), so now I've remade it, with the same lack of confirmation e-mail and I'm slightly confused. :( >

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No, removing a party member will not terminate the romance like in the second game. :(


I'll give Cam a shout with the authorization thing, it seems that a few people have their e-mails delayed.


Okay, thanks.


*Grabs shortbow and runs off to slaughter Drizzt.*



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*Grabs shortbow and runs off to slaughter Drizzt.*




bad bad person! how DARE you go kill the famous drow ranger! what did he ever do to you to deserve this? and after all heroic things he has done. shame on you! may he slaughter you and your entire party!


hehe i love Drizzt and was never able to bring myself to even try and kill him!

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Actually walls and walls of summoned creatures, they say, do the trick. I think the only time I killed him was when I was romancing Shar-Teel and tried to stay in character with my absolute bastard of a fighter-mage.

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Wow. I knew Drizzt was hard but I didn't realise he was that hard. For goodness sake, you can't just dodge arrows when they're being fired point blank into your face from a few feet away! The prospect of fighting him properly without using tricks is a pretty horrible one. ;)


I did manage to kill him (albeit after sitting staring at my character and Imoen firing arrows at him for about half an hour) but I only barely managed to finish him off before I'd completely ran out of ammunition. Too bad the only thing of value I got was another one of those nifty swords (since I pickpocketed the first one the first time I ran into him) which I gave to Khalid who's now dual-wielding both of Drizzt's swords.


That cool looking armour which would've been a lot more useful for Jaheira except it has exactly the same stats as her current set (except its a lot lighter). I need to remember that if I ever run through the game again with Viconia though, since IIRC she doesn't have enough strength to wear the heaviest armours.


Oh yeah, and lots of EXP and a 10 Rep loss, which I soon bribed back up. :(

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