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ToEE Spell Effects?

Guest Vein

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I'm a big fan of the BG series and have played it till my fingers bled, several times during the past few years. Every time I reinstall the series, I go exploring on the web, trying to find interesting addons to alter the experience slightly.


I played through ToEE when it first came out, and must admit it was far from memorable. No soul to that game. What it did have, however, was terrific spell effects. I was wondering if it were possible to import these into BGII somehow? Perhaps such a feat has already been accomplished?


Thanks for reading!



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But, you could give us a list of 'wanted' effects.


I am guessing this has to do with graphics rather than the effects themselves as we see it. :(




Yeah, that's certainly what I was going for, the graphical effects of familiar spells such as magic missile and the like. Sorry for being vague!

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