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iwd1/how/totl:a small improvement for #236


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236,1,"Chill Touch [236]","Damage","Irrelevant",Inflicts cold damage to the targetted creature(s) equal that that specified by the 'Damage' field.

If the affected creature is undead (general=4) then the creature is also affected by panic.


The Dice values can be used to inflict varying damage amounts - eg 2d6 would do 2-12 damage (Damage type is still specified by the 'Type' value).


NB. If 'Damage Amount' and the Dice values are both non-zero, the total damage inflicted is: 'Damage + Dice value."

NB. In IWD2 this effect simply causes panic in everyone (used to cause the chill touch panic of undead).

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