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G3: Sword Coast Stratagems Moves to G3


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The Gibberlings Three


G3 is pleased to welcome the addition of Sword Coast Stratagems, a mod by DavidW for Tutu. SCS is primarily a sort of Tutu version of Tactics. It features substantially upgraded general AI (almost all monsters call for help intelligently, choose sensible targets, and use magic items) as well as much better AI for a lot of specific types of creatures (wizards, priests, sirines, basilisks...). It enhances several types of monsters (e.g. spiders and doppelgangers) to be more challenging (hopefully without being ridiculous) and it upgrades the opponents in about 20 of the individual battles, including the end-of-chapter battles in chapters 2-7 and the end-of-quest battles in Tales of the Sword Coast. Basically the idea is to make Tutu rather more tactically challenging, rather than just making it harder by brute-force methods like tripling all the damage rolls.


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