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If even a small percentage of the humor in this thread makes it into the mod than it'll be awesome for sure.


The one thing I kinda like about the two sisters is that they bicker like sisters do. I personally am an only child male, but I spent two horrific weeks with my two female cousins who are sisters. Never got a quiet moment the whole two weeks. What a nightmare. (out of curiosity are you two actually sisters?)


Oh and Inara, c'mon ya hafta give the poor guys a break y'know I mean it's hard enough that we guys are cursed to having to make the first move, plus the fact that we've got the brains of a Yak and pickup lines that would drive a lawn mower away in disgust :thumbsup:. Haven't you noticed that in all the Discovery Channel movies, it's always the poor male insect that gets his head bitten off by his mate while he's pitifully trying to woo her? Ya gotta believe, we're only interested in saving the future of humanity when we're trying to pick you up. Yeah, propagating the species, that's the ticket! And if we can't have your number, d'ya think your lawn mower's busy this Saturday?

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OOC: No, we're not sisters, but I do have a sister in real life... a younger one... maybe that's why I can write for Keli so well... :thumbsup:

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