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I like your style, Loke. :D


Inara looks down at her dripping form, at Urborg, then to Keli.


Shall we?

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Keli looks at Urborg:




Keli then glares at Inara:


This is all YOUR fault!

Edited by BevH

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this is better than pay-per-view...


(sits back, and opens a beer...)


urm...how about a sisterly tiff, more than verbal???


like dropping all weapons, and a scripted battle until one is knocked out???


like the chaotic neutral anomen attacking aerie...


and after keli wakes up, there's a tender moment when both sisters blame each other for starting the fight.. (after a few "it was my fault" inara would agree with keli it was her fault, and keli would get mad again...)



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Inara smirks and raises an eyebrow at Keli.


What are you complaining about? You like water.


Inara grabs another bucket and drenches Keli.

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Ooo... Oooo...


Yes, I like water - to swim in!


Keli wipes the water from her face


If you weren't my sister, I'd... I'd...


After contemplating a spell to form, Keli simply charges full-tilt at Inara

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*Arches a brow.* ... since when does pouring water on a fire increase the size of the flame?



but a bucket of massage oil would...



I know...I know...


BevH :D UU...


Bad, bad UU... :D:D:D


Bad bad UU... :D

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/me looks to UU


I *would* interrupt or try to calm their fight, but I'm not ashamed to admit it-those pair when they're mad scare me.

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Inara sidesteps her less dexterous sister and thwaps her on the bottom as she runs past.


What do they teach you at that temple of yours? I've seen quicker moves from a drunk sailor. ... Hm... Perhaps I should rephrase that...

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::thinks for a moment::

Oh sod it. Grim, 'stand back and wipe my bits off the floor if this doesn't work' ((Geuss which discworld book that's from?)


::steps inbetween the girls, muttering a prayer to every god(ess) he can think off::

Edited by Loké

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