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BG1NPC Final Alpha:


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OK, final alpha release to playtesters is up on the private site:

BG1NPC v12 alpha 12 is up and running, fully Tra-ified and with a prototype integrated HTML ReadMe file.


I will update the documentation tomorrow; anyone who can switch to the new version, please do, and anyone with any coding experience please pull it down, tear it to pieces, and send me the bones and sinews!



Bugfixing for this version and all other alphas will be happening through next Monday; I will wrap up the marketing packaging and send it of to CamDawg that evening. Sorry about the 1.5 hour delay -- I forgot that the BAFs needed to be tested, and we had some strange occurrences with DVs being seen as text strings for translation. This has successfully installed and uninstalled fully on my system :(

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For the benefit of those of us who happen to be planning to look at the TRA files, whether for additional proofreading or for actual translation, would you mind posting instructions on how to access them?


Sorry if this seems obvious, but it isn't.

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Sure... the TRA files are in the subdirectory



If you want to work with the files seperately, say on any machine, unpackage the contents of that directory onto a disk-on-key or other removable media, and open with any text editor (including notepad).


If anyone logs changes, I think the best way of avoiding duplication is to post a message up here when you are looking at a file, so no one else duplicates; it will spread the work around a little :(

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At least one of the challenge dialogue files

D:\Black Isle\BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase3\CHALLENGE\Chal_Dialogue\X#COCHAL.D


had an error in the conversion process that left it as a blank file, meaning it would compile but not do anything. I will fix this aa.s.a.p. -- ETA noon 2 hours from this post!

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Sorry, false alarm, and my own stupidity. :( I had a panic attack over a major chunk of dialogue not being incorporated; found out it was a leftover development file that had already been merged into the project.


I deeply apologise for the confusion. v12 alpha 12 is (and has been since release) absolutely ready to install and use.

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