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BG1NPC v12 TRA files log for Future Updates


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Undying gratitude to all of you! :(

I am setting up a temporary update version for the BGT testers; I will pm you all a link within the next 24 hours so that you can see the results of your work right away! Thank you for tackling the project.


116 *.tra files (+ 1 eventual setup.tra)



waiting for an owner



integrated into v12


_NPCWAIT.TRA // berelinde

_RBALDU.tra // berelinde

AjantisAddLTs_PR.tra // berelinde

AjantisAddLTs_PR_noToSC.tra // berelinde

AjantisBhaalLTs.tra // berelinde

AjantisChallenges_PR.tra // berelinde

AjantisDreamLTs.tra // berelinde

AjantisIniFlirts_PR.tra // berelinde

AjantisLTs_PR.tra // berelinde

AjantisNPC_talks_PR.tra // berelinde

bg1npc.tra // berelinde

CIFLIRT.tra // berelinde

CRNPC.tra //berelinde

NEWMERCH2.tra //cmorgan

P#BRLT.tra //cmorgan

P#CENTEO.tra //cmorgan

P#CORLT.tra //berelinde

P#IMANEL.tra //cmorgan

P#IMANL2.tra //cmorgan

P#WOLF.tra //berelinde

X#ADDIAL.tra //berelinde

X#AJANTIS.tra //berelinde

X#AJCHAL.tra //berelinde

X#AJINT.tra //berelinde

X#AJPCFL.tra //berelinde

X#AJROADD_PR.tra //berelinde

X#ALINT.tra //berelinde

X#ALORA.tra //berelinde

X#ALORAN.tra //berelinde

X#ALOREPL.tra //berelinde

X#AR6001.tra //berelinde

X#ASSIST.tra //berelinde

X#BRANW.tra //Clary

X#BRINT.tra // Clary

X#BRI.tra //berelinde

X#CHALLENGE.tra // berelinde

X#CHOP.tra //berelinde

X#COINT.tra //berelinde

X#CORAN1.tra //berelinde

X#CORAN.tra //berelinde

X#COSQU.tra //berelinde

X#CRU11.tra //berelinde

X#DA0125.tra //berelinde

X#DAV01.tra //berelinde

X#DAV02.tra //berelinde

X#DAVI.tra //Clary

X#DYBHA.tra //yvcflute

X#DYINT.tra //yvcflute

X#DYLAST.tra //yvcflute

X#DYNAH.tra //yvcflute

X#DYNQST.tra //yvcflute

X#DYRO.tra //yvcflute

X#DYRONPC.tra //yvcflute

X#EDINT.tra //yvcflute

X#EDWIN.tra //yvcflute

X#ELDOTH.tra //yvcflute

X#ELINT.tra //yvcflute



X#GAINT.tra //yvcflute

X#GARAR.tra //yvcflute

X#GARRI.tra //yvcflute

X#GARWYL.tra //yvcflute

X#GORLET.tra //yvcflute

X#HALBAZ.tra //yvcflute

X#IMINT.tra //Clary

X#IMOEN.tra //yvcflute

X#IMPSPL.tra //yvcflute

X#JAHEIRA.tra //yvcflute

X#JAINT.tra //yvcflute

X#JAQU.tra //yvcflute

X#KAGAIN.tra //berelinde

X#KAINT.tra //berelinde

X#KAQST.tra //berelinde

X#KHALID.tra //yvcflute

X#KHINT.tra //yvcflute

X#KIINT.tra //yvcflute

X#KISEQU.tra //berelinde

X#KIVAN.tra //yvcflute

X#LAKE.tra //yvcflute

X#MIINT.tra //yvcflute

X#MINSC.tra //yvcflute


X#MOINT.tra //Clary

X#MONTARON.tra //Clary

X#PCBURY1.tra //Clary

X#PCBURY.tra //Clary

X#PCINIT.tra // cmorgan

X#QUAYL.tra //berelinde

X#QUINT.tra //berelinde

X#SAFANA.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#SAINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#SHARTEEL.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#SHINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#SHROM.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#SKIE.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#SKINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#TIAX.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#TIINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#TOTSC.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#VICONIA.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#VIINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XAINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XAN.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XANLT.tra //Ginger

X#XANQ.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XZAR.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XZDQU.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XZDR2.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#XZDR3.tra// INS-Hyacinth

X#XZINT.tra// INS-Hyacinth

X#XZQU.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#YEINT.tra // INS-Hyacinth

X#YESLICK.tra // INS-Hyacinth

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Berelinde, that is awesome... I didn't expect you folks to DO the fixes, only post 'em for me to fix, but if you want to do it this way it is a great timesaver for me :( . I will toss the fixed version up alongside the original in ConTEXT and do a quick line-by-line comparison, and either migrate over the changes or simply use the new file! I still need to check them against the master, because an accidental keystroke in one of these puppies can be hazardous to an install. You can email them to me at that address in the readme file.

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berelinde, you are a dear one.. thank you. I do have a quick request, if possible, for anyone emailiing files...


for some reason, the integrated email function used by Comcast refuses to accept my requests to have txt and html/xml/htm files show up as separate files. berelinde, if you have a way of zipping them up (.rar, .zip, actually, practically any WinXP/Mac format compression), then please resend them zipped up. Otherwise, I am afraid of copy/paste artifacts creeping into everyone's hard work.


If no compression routine is available, don't worry -- I can still do it, I just have to be twice as careful.

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Will do. I can send as .rar files, but not until tonight.


I'm still finding instances where three dots is being replaced by the Word symbol which looks similar.


I have a feeling that's going to be the biggest culprit, since reading them in Notepad is a pain, and reading them in Word is risky.


This is going to get cumbersome pretty quickly.


Any chance of making a table? Something where people could tell immediately what has been assigned/completed without scrolling through 7000 emails?

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Absolutely. What I will do is shamelessly steal ideas from SimDing0 (why not, evreyone else does :( ) and cross off the ones that are claimed in the table in the top post. You should see the changes there pretty quickly:


ok, how is that? or we could go green for "need to be done, yellow for claimed, and red for done, if you want. I'm open for suggestions...

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False alarm again. the IF problem is isolated to ones already repaired by berelinde...


back to proofing.


berelinde, you are better, faster, and more detailed than I am. I am renaming the files you send me and dropping them into the Master copy TRA file as you send them to me from now on. You are carefiull to leave the format the same, so I am wasting bugfixing time by doublechecking your far-superior work :(. Top make sure that you know, the spacing and materials outside of the ~string~ are imprtant, as is anything in [brackets] - those things need to be left as-is.


e.g. in the (fictional) line

@18 = ~[AJANTIS 01] Of course it will not, my lady...~ [_AJANT01]


only Of course it will not, my lady... can be spell/grammar/typochecked.


thank you so much!

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, and the caution.


I will leave all coding alone, unless I see something wacky, like <CHANAME>, in which case, I'll still leave it as is, but provide line reference in the body of the email.




The gods are in the details, as it were, so I want to make sure that I get it right.


For the most part, coding is omitted from the TRA files, but we all know that there are a few exceptions. I would like to state my observations on what *is* in the files to make sure I have it right.


[sOMETHING##] and related punctuation/spacing: It's a sound file. Leave it alone.

<WORDS>: Instructions about what to display. Leave it alone.


Having said that, I've stumbled across an instance where <> are used to indicate non-verbal communication. I have a feeling that this is going to cause a problem. I'm in BGNPC.tra, I think, and it's line @98.


@98 = ~ Ah, home sweet home... <then, as if just remembering> Wait, I don't live here...~


I think it should be:


@98 = ~ Ah, home sweet home... *then, as if just remembering* Wait, I don't live here...~

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Short Answer: No, please don't with this one, even though you should if you run into BG1NPC added ones oin other files!


Ordinarily, you would be 100% correct; unfortunately, this is a BioWare string and it is supposed to be this way.



Long Answer, if wanted, since eventually you will be thinking about this stuff in your own writing:


yes, ordinarily you would be completely correct and need to change those "< >"s to "* *"s. EXCEPT --- lines like


@13   = ~[VICONIA 1] Help me! If you don't help me, they'll kill me.~ [_VICON01]

need to be left exactly as is, to preserve the original string. These are "string-fixer" entries, and WeiDU is looking for an exact match to remap.


The string you are reporting breaks our rules of engagement because it is an original BioWare string "borrowed from BG2.


strings like

@79   = ~No, <CHARNAME>, it will not end well.~

look for something to insert; I believe the carets "<" ">" are indications to try to find a value and insert it there from a special list,












Unfortunately, it gets complicated by the fact that B1 uses invisible comments and BG2 doesn't, according to the most recent research it is important to leave anything within brackets [ ] exactly as is. if they are in a string,


@23   = ~[VICONIA 38]~ [_VICON38]

they are those invisible comments, and WeiDU wants to see them there even though the game doesn't display them to the player.

The stuff in brackets following the string (in this case [_VICON38]) is the reference name of the sound that is to be played while the text is displayed, so messing with it will cause the sound not to be played.


Here, it is an identified sound reference because it has [JANJAN16] at the end.


You will not run into this beyond the bg1npc TRA file except PCINIT, which is why I am slogging through it myself, 'cause that is where all the dtring fixers are!

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No, I understood everything you said. And still do. But @98 is still bugging me. If I could, I'd call you on the phone and say "Dude, take a look at this line. This can't be right."


Everything I've ever seen in <> has always been in UPPER CASE, and has always been something the engine needs to see to work. Somethow I don't see that particular string falling into that category.


Don't worry. I'm not going to change anyting without instruction. I'm a QC chemist, and know perfectly well what happens when you deviate from instructions even a little bit. But that string is bugging me.

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No worries, berelinde... I immediately referenced the string in my copy, then extracted the original Jan Janson soundset from BG2 and compared it to the string set (extracted from the .cre file in a Tutu install, it looks like) just to be sure. Then I grabbed all of the sound reference materials that devSin, Grim Squeaker, and Smoketest patiently guided me through to make sure that I had my facts straight,

I figure being a little over-the-top on the research thing will allow me to help folks better without messing them up too badly :p


I agree, it stinks, and now I will also be itching every time I see it. Tell you what... one string added to the dialog.tlk file is not going to kill us. The BG2 folks can deal with the idiosincracies/inconsistencies on thier end; let's just go ahead and change it. If I am wrong, hopefully someone will come along and correct me, but we are talking about building only new string and referencing it (even one space or capitalization on one of these puppies, and it is a whole new entry), but it should do no harm. In the best of all possible worlds, we wouldn't be re-using this set, anyways - David would have his own set, instead of being a literal copy of his cousin. I will go look for a portrait that is a little different, too.

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Definitely, look for a new portrait (as if you didn't have enough to do!). David is his own gnome, even if he is a Janssen.


Anyway, RL work is back to normal for now, so I should be able to clear a swath in the TRA files. I'll keep you updated.


bg1npc.tra // berelinde started




Starting the next file from the top of the list.

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updatd list -- time to switch over from coding to proofing. I will have a bunch of faculty meetings, so can manually (pnp) scan a number of the middle sections; Ginger has a .rar of all of the files from Tiax down to Yeslick to pick from.


And I promise I am much more detailed in editing then my posts indicate -- I am a two finger typer, I'm afraid :p

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