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BG1NPC v12 TRA files log for Future Updates


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OK, Immortality, Yarpen, I am working on this issue. First, please do not waste your efforts on translating the Beta; while we do not anticipate major changes, we are still working through the proofing list and getting feedback from the Beta. We have already had to add a few small lines (and possibly competely change the tp2 TRA); I can say that we are working to quickly release the stable version, and we would love you folks to translate it then! Only a few weeks, so we can grab feedback from the Beta...


Yarpen, I understand two things:

1. it would be easier for translators to work with files that have the conversations broken out in blocks, as you described

2. it takes tons of time to proof, so it must take tremendously longer to translate; anything we can do to help translators means quicker access for non-english Tutu players.


I will do my best to create a separate "Translation Package", a TRA only distribution with the files organized as described. The problem is, my efforts are focused on getting feedback/bugsquishes implemented for the big release, rebuilding a combined Tutu/BGT tp2, and the start of the school year (for obvious reasons, my Band kids come first, last, and foremost :blush:). This means that the release of a translation package as described would probably come in late October or November, where the regular TRAs will be available immediately on download of the regular released version. I am willing to do the work if it will help, but you would have to balance the aamount it would help versus not having the package for several weeks!

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absolutely! Berelinde, Ginger, ycvflute, we are going to keep going no matter what. We have to wrap up whatever is going to get done before this release by the end of this Saturday (or early Sunday a.m. Chicago USA time), but this is important stuff.. for the three of us plus anyone else who wants to do it, we are looking at continuing through the end of the project even if we have to put out an update in a few weeks. We push as we can through this weekend!

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I think the consensus was to leave regional spelling alone. Anglicized or Americanized, the meaning is clear, and the debate about which one is 'correct' could go on for eternity.


My British ex-husband used to joke that Americans spell everything wrong, and he might have a point. But you are right about the rest of the game using predominantly American spelling.


In the end, I think the effort of changing everything would not be worthwhile.

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Yup; we are trying to preserve the author's "voice" for the characters, so there is not a huge amount of grammar change or USA-izing (even though if you build your own G3 Mod, I believe that US English rather than UK English is the expected :blush: ). We are looking for

regular misspellinnggss,

grammar that "intent" accidentally clouds author,

tokens that CHARNAME> would find were missing matching <>,

and missing punctuation Also *Cmorgan leans in closer to the screen and peers intently* the occasional use of SHOUTING or (muttering) descriptive actions, instead of using *text*.


Thank you all for helping with any of these!

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Perhaps this is a little late in the game, but if another hand would help I'd be happy to take on a few of the unread files. I'm just a random BG1NPC player who's wandered in off the street (so to say), but I do have some experience in proofreading various things. :blush:

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