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MIT 5.0 and "Data" folder not duplicated


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MIT 4.2 allowed to duplicates Music, Portraits, Data and Movie folders. MIT 5.0, it seems, only duplicate Music (it is indeed necessary for BG2 FixPack to install). But, duplicate the Data folder is necessary for all biffing mods like BGT-WeiDU and other mega-mods. I have also seen mods failing to install because they were trying to use something from the "Data/" folder (NEJ, for example, is checking file presence in this folder). Others, like Return to Trademeet, are trying to replace something in the Movie folder. BGT-WeiDU is adding movies from BG1, so this mod also require the Movie folder to be there.


Can you restore the option to duplicate the Data and Movie folder in the next version, please ? :(

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Known issue. I said here that it wouldn't be in for 5.0-stable because of the risk of breaking things and never shipping, but that I would look into it after that. This is still the plan. I've been brainstorming ways to do this that would make sense everywhere, and will post my ideas for discussion after 5.0-stable ships.

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It took a little longer than I thought, but there is now a test build with this change at http://www.gibberlings3.net/downloads/Mult...-20061206-3.jar . When you select a source folder which is a BG2 Windows installation, the checkboxes will appear underneath the text boxes. Also, there is a small UI improvement: the go button will now be disabled until you have source and sink dirs that will work.

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Guest Sandman
Ok, I'm going out on a limb a bit, here, but there are already other problems with things not repainting when they should... after you select your source, if you move another window over top of MIT and then uncover it again, do the options show up?

Got the "lower pane" check boxes to appear (music, data, portraits, characters, save) after I had a source and a sink put in: I maximized the box, and voila, there they were. They remained when I restored the box to the original dimensions.


Another issue :) :


Source: "C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA"


Sink: "C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - Mod Series 1"


With the "data" box checked: part way through the run, the program stalls while trying to copy baldur.ini and a message box pops up, which reads: "PatchFailedException in baldur.ini expected C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA got " ...and apparently the rest of the message is truncated due to a message box size limitation. At this point, the baldur.ico, chitin.key, dialog.tlk and baldur.ini files exist, but are all zero bytes).


The run only stalls and the message box only pops up if the "data" box is checked (I tried all combinations of the other selections). Otherwise, the program runs to completion - but all created files are zero bytes. I will append the text of my baldur.ini file if you think that would help. :hm:

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Guest Sandman

My baldur.ini file:


[Program Options]

Debug Mode=1


Install Type=3

GLSetup Driver=0

16Bit Textures=0



3D Acceleration=1

Maximum Frame Rate=30

Path Search Nodes=400000

Translucent Shadows=1

Force 50 Percent Transparent=0

Disable Brighten=1

Display Subtitles=0

Full Screen=1




Disable Vertex Padding=0

Volume Movie=150

Volume Music=150

Volume Voices=150

Volume Ambients=150

Volume SFX=150


HD0:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\

CD1:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD1\

CD2:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD2\;C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD2\

CD3:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD3\

CD4:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD4\

CD5:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD5\

[Game Options]


Force Dialog Pause=1

Memory Access=100

Memory Level=1

Difficulty Level=5

Automated Speed Adjustment=1

Enhanced Path Finding=1

Critical Hit Screen Shake=1

Low End Machine=0

Low End Machine 2=0


Attack Sounds=1

Low Mem Sounds 1=0

Low Mem Sounds 2=0

Pausing Map=0

Extra Feedback=0

Duplicate Floating Text=1

Disable Casting Glows=0

Disable VEFVidCells=0

Mid Level Brighten=1

High Level Brighten=1

Tiles Precache Percent=100

All Learn Spell Info=1

Automated Translucent Shadows=50

Automated Very Low Performance=30

Automated Low Performance=60

Automated Disable Brightest=40

Automated Limit Transparency=40

Automated Disable Casting Glows=40

Automated Disable VEFVidCells=30

Automated Mid Level Brighten=60

Automated High Level Brighten=80

Automated Foot Steps=70

Automated Attack Sounds=50

Automated 3D Animations=80

Automated Disable VVC Sounds=60

Automated Faster Blur=60

Disable Statics During Combat=0

Disable Footsteps During Combat=0

Disable Placed Sounds During Combat=0

Disable VVC Sounds=0

Faster Blur=0

Use 3d Animations=1





Country Code=


Uninst_dir=C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{8DAE4336-2B71-11D4-9A6C-006067325E47}

Uninst_dir_25=C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{B8C3B479-1716-11D5-968A-0050BA84F5F7}











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Put the following into a file called 'mit.bat' in the same directory as your mit JAR (you may need to adjust the top line a bit if your jre is installed in a different place):

PATH "C:\Program Files\java\jre1.5.0_06\bin;%PATH%
java -jar MultiInstall-5.1-rc2.jar &> mit-error.log

When you click it, MIT should run as normal, except that it will create a file called 'error.log' in that same dir. Post the contents of that file here, in an MIT run both with and without 'data' selected.


EDIT: Actually, scratch the above. I've got this reproducing locally (after a bit of effort appeasing my test machine's jre). Expect a fix atleast for the baldur.ini patch failing shortly.


Or maybe windows 98 is going to play silly buggers with me. Why it simply *ignores* shell redirection is beyond me... and, ofcourse, command.com is too braindead to let me to something as complex as to scroll up.

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