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EasyTutu: BG1NPC v12 Edition


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...in which I shamelessly ride the coattails of the tireless cmorgan, and the infinitely more significant release of BG1NPC version 12.


In part because the release of BG1NPC v12 is imminent (which fact will undoubtedly cause a large number of people to create fresh installs), and in part because my available time will be decreasing dramatically in the very near future, I have decided to package up everything I've done over the past few weeks toward the goal of completing the enhanced journal for chapters 5 to 7, and release it. There remains much to be done, but I have accomplished a fair bit, and laid the groundwork for quite a bit more. I've also addressed a number of little bugs since the last release.


Here are the details on what's changed in this release:


* Some of the work on the enhanced BG2-style journal functionality for chapters 5 to 7 has been completed.


* Fixed a glitch where the player could receive a rumor about Angelo in any tavern in the city of Baldur's Gate before it is appropriate to receive it.


* Fixed a number of issues in Scar's dialog where he promised a certain reward and then either failed to pay it, paid too much, or paid too little. Also cleaned up a few other little loose ends in there.


* Prior to this update, the "powerful" Halruaan mage Resar (in the Thieves' Guild Halruaan skyship quest) had no spellcasting ability whatsoever. He has been granted a basic spellcasting repertoire on par with other similar mages, both to make him a less laughable opponent, and to give more meaning to Narlen's intervention (if and when it occurs).


* Corrected a problem where Nadarin in the city of Baldur's Gate (escaped basilisk quest) had a corrupted state trigger in his dialog, which under certain conditions could prevent him from rewarding the player for completion of the quest (or possibly cause some worse problem).


* Prior to this update, Shank and Carbos (the inept assassins from Candlekeep) did not have death variables assigned, which prevented the humorous bits in Sanadal's dialog from ever triggering. This issue has been corrected.


* Under certain conditions, some odd happenings could occur after having completed the Obe fight training sequence in Candlekeep (e.g., your former party allies and the simulated monsters continuing to fight after you'd left, your former party allies talking to you from within the Obe building even after you'd left, etc.). These issues should now all be resolved.


* Changed the Nemphre / Ordulinian quests revolving around Arkion's bloodstone amulet (and in the latter case, Nemphre's onyx ring also) such that the amulet and ring are unique items specific to the NPCs in question, and not generic versions of those items. This should give the items a bit more meaning, and should prevent quest exploits such as using generic versions of the items to complete one quest, or using a generic version of one item in order to be able to complete both quests. This means that these two quests are now mutually exclusive, as they are clearly intended to be.


* Fixed a state weighting problem in Ordulinian's dialog which prevented him from specifically offering the Arkion / Nemphre quest to parties of high reputation.


* Cleaned up a couple of problems in the dialog for Lusselyn (slime quest guy): state 0 had an invalid transition, and the trigger for state 3 was checking for an incorrect value.


I anticipate this being the last EasyTutu release for a while, barring some unforeseen major bug that forces me to do another. I'll continue to pick away at the journal as time allows, and will have it done eventually. I also hope to integrate the G3 BG2 fixpack into EasyTutu once it evolves beyond beta status, perhaps in the same release as the completed enhanced journal.


The downloads may be found in their usual place on the EasyTutu page, and the above details on what's changed in the EasyTutu change log.



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