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Sword and Fist is a mod designed to offer new opportunities to those who play using Fighters and Monks.


Is it a WeiDU mod?




Is Throne of Bhaal supported?


Throne of Bhaal is supported but not required. If you have ToB, the new Fighter kits will have access to High Level Abilities as appropriate. The Monk's HLA table is not altered by this mod; we suggest you use Oversight in combination with this mod to give Monks a better HLA selection.


Is it compatible with Tutu/Easy Tutu/BGT?




When should I install it?


After the official patch, and any non-WeiDU mods. Order with respect to other WeiDU mods should not matter.


What are the changes made to the Monk class?


Look here for a comprehensive description.


What new Fighter kits are added, and what is the inspiration behind them?


Look here for details of the new Fighter kits. They are based (to a greater or lesser extent) on kits from pen-and-paper D&D, as well as 3rd Edition base classes and prestige classes found in sourcebooks such as Sword and Fist and Complete Warrior.

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