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Ajantis problem


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You know, it's just sometimes I get the feeling that, if some weird bug is going to happen, it's going to happen to *me*.


Anywho... I'm quite a ways through the Ajantis romance, and I've received the "Might I pose a private question?" LoveTalk (LT 16) and LT 17 is supposed to trigger at rest. So I played for a while and then tried to rest... nothing. Then I played a while longer and tried to rest... nothing. THEN I Advanced Real Time... a *lot*. Not only am I not getting this LT, but now my NPC's are starting to loop on their chats with each other, which is weird. It may also be worth noting that I didn't get LT 11 OR 12, and it just skipped from 10 to 13... but everything's been fine since then, until now. What should I do?

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A couple of other questions, since I'm on the general subject;


What *exactly* do I have to type into the console in order to check my romance variables? I know, for instance, that to check Ajantis it's X#AjantisRomanceActive, but when I used it in the manner that I'm used to--CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceActive",GLOBAL)--I don't get anything pertinent. ALSO, is there any way to check what FT I'm on, and/or where the timer is?

Gosh, I just read over that post and realized how nice and confusing it is. I'm sorry!



*coughs slightly* errr... Apparently I needed to add some quotation marks around GLOBAL. Who knew? Hehe.. hehe... he....

I'd still love to get the commands for the flirttalks or timer, if I can. Sorry again!

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Did you have quotas around your Global, ie:




instead of


CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("X#AjantisRomanceActive",GLOBAL) as you posted?


Also do you still get flirts in your Player-Intitaed Menu? This will indiacte that the romance is still active.


Ajantis' generic romance variables are "regular" (1 through 3), but the coding is complex. Some events put romance on hold, such as finding out about your heritage. Ajantis will alos break romance with a thief.


You might want to try to PM Jastey directly - she is the one who wrote and coded the roamcne in, and knows the ins and outs. She has some serious RL commitments atm, so she is not checking the fora as often as before, so if you give her a buzz, she might be able to help you earlier.

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Question: Did the messenger arrive? If you ask yourself "What messenger?" I guess he didn't. Go to a city area, there he should appear. The LT 17 will only fire at rest some time after the messenger.


Maybe I'm lucky and that already solves the problem. :p


Doesn't explain why you didn't get LT 11, though (which is a real shame).

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Real time.


It's late in Jastey's part of the world, so I thought I might save you the suspense.


All the LTs are real time. But there's a catch. Not only is it real time, but the appropriate trigger must be in place. In other words, if a particular talk is in the cue, real time may have elapsed, but the appropriate conditions still need to be met. If it has to be at rest, your timer may have elapsed, but you still need to rest.

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