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About what happened to In Sheep's Clothing


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Just for those who do care, I went ahead and removed In Sheep's Clothing. It wasn't shaping up the way I wanted, and there was a lot of it that needed to be edited, but too much to do at once.


So, when time let's up, I do plan on rewriting it, but until then, thanks for those who did like it.

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well, i understand...but i didn't mind the story diverged from the mod...i mean its actually a facinating insight into one person's creative process to see how it all began..to see ideas evolve and change...


but yeah, we're all guilty of sometimes pulling older works, and either doing a massive redit, or critisize our older works...


BUT IT WAS VERY GOOD!!! just to let you know, we all loved it... :D:D:D:D

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Um, UUF, it wasn't pulled because it diverged from the Module. If anything, divergence is a good thing. I mean, what would be the point of playing the module if you just read it?


I tend to be leery of games based on written works that don't try to distinguish themselves. It's cool to share the same world, but to have a rehash...this is why most movie to video game renditions fail.


The divergence I am talking is some of the leaps and jumps I did, as well as some of the massive combat scenes (Nalia's castle took 18 pages of straight fighting typing...not good).


Anyways, when and if I get time to do it, it will also be when the Delainy module still doesn't need to be worked on (SoA that is)...


Heh, it's cool Jester, though as it wasn't going to be completed...I really dislike leaving things undone. And yes, that means Echoes of the Past will be finished at some point. Just need to shift some priorities and all.

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