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IWD2: feat opcodes


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These opcodes don't apply the effects as iesdp states, but mark that the target will use the specified feat in the next attack.


0x1c5 Power Attack (uses feat 47 if exists)

0x1c6 Expertise (uses feat 19 if exists)

0x1c7 ArterialStrike (uses feat 5 if exists)

0x1c8 HamString (uses feat 27 if exists)

0x1c9 RapidShot (uses feat 49 if exists)


They are ineffective if the target (the attacker) has no such feat.

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Some more info on these 5 feats.

They work as semi-modal actions. Both Expertise/Power attack and Arterial Strike/Hamstring are mutually exclusive. The current usage of the feats is visible in the .gam structure. (in saved game).

Here is a snippet from ielister.

The offsets here are increased by the game header (so adjust them accordingly).


030ah Soundset 2BTF0

0312h Voiceset FEMALE_BARD_1

0332h UNKNOWN 00000000

0336h UNKNOWN 00000000

033ah UNKNOWN 00000000

033eh Expertise 00000000

0342h Power Attack 00000005

0346h Arterial Str 00000001

034ah Hamstring 00000000

034eh Rapid Shot 00000001

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