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flirt question


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I know it is frustrating when you ask a question and no one answers you. But sometimes people don't want to give an answer unless they think they can help you. Which narrows the pool of people who would respond somewhat.


Also, it's a weekend, so a lot of folks are not manning the boards.


Which doesn't answer your question.


With flirts in general, sometimes you get more or different flirts as the relationship progresses.

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Sorry, voodoo3152 your question was posted close to 3 am in my time zone.


Some statistics regarding Amber's flirts:


I have divided the player initiated flirts in 4 stages in which they become available: extra light (5 flirt options, 12 possible responses), light (7 options, 20 responses), medium (17 options, 60 responses) and heavy (20 options, 86 responses). The responses overlap the different stages, so even though some are dropped when you relationship gets more committed some stay the same.


In addition there is a completely separate set of player initiated flirts for Underdark (5 options, 20 responses), but those are only available if you have reached the 'heavy' flirting stage before you go there.


The 'extra light' flirts become available after the fifth talk with Amber (including the joining dialogue, but excluding anything connected to the bracelet). As Linguist in Training said the 'heavy' flirts become available your Character sleeps with her. Activation of 'light' and 'medium' stages are located between those two events. :p


So the answer to your question is that more flirts become available when your relationship with Amber progresses; you dont need to do anything special, just play the game. :p

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