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CreateCreature in IWD2


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The CreateCreature under IWD2 documented in IESDP as the same for all IE games. However, coded as per BG2 ie (CreateCreature(S:NewObject*,P:Location*,I:Face*)), it gave me the following Parse:


[iWD2NPC/baf/P#AR1000.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 8 column 36-36

Near Text: )

Type mismatch in "ScriptName" argument of [CreateCreature].

Expecting type "string".


[iWD2NPC/baf/P#AR1000.baf] ERROR at line 8 column 36-36

Near Text: )


ERROR: parsing [iWD2NPC/baf/P#AR1000.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error


I browsed IWD2 scripts and the syntaxis in IWD2 seems to be different from BG2 (from 50CVenl0.BCS) :




where 50HNT is the CRE name; 50Hunter is a script name (death variable) and HUNTER_1_NEW does not show on CRE file.


I tried replacing the second position with death variable and the script compiled.

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