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Hardcoded projectiles?


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In BG2, PROJECTL.IDS has apparently incorrect key values. To get them to line up correctly, NI has to add 1 to each key value to make it match the value stored in the Ability structure. For example, you see 109 (0x6D) in SPWI217.SPL, but the equivalent entry in the IDS would be 108 (0x6C), if it existed. You can see this pattern by looking at other projectiles that are listed. You can also right-click on the projectile value in the Ability structure and select View as Hex (or decimal) to see the real value the game uses.


In both BG1 and BG2, a projectile key value of 0 is invalid/unused, and a key value of 1 means "no projectile". Valid projectiles start with key values of 2 or greater. The IDS has them starting with a key value of 1.


I don't think the game is using this IDS file. If it is, it must be adjusting the key values by +1, or adjusting the Ability value by -1, or there'd be a lot of mismatched graphics every time a projectile was launched during gameplay. Or perhaps the editor Bioware used did this adjustment automatically so they wouldn't have to manually fix their IDS file.

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