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Stackable Tracking innate

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I've already posted that some time ago but can't find that post to refresh it. So here it is again...


Tracking spell (SPCL922) needs to be fixed.


Original spell has a bug. Upon casting it adds itself as a new innate ability once again

to obtain an effect of constant presence of itself in a spellist. But all that extra charges are going to reappear after the rest altogether. To prevent that it's necessary to remove this spell from the spellbook by

applying effect with opcode 172 each casting. Then the newly added innate will be the only one,

exactly as it should be.


Like this:

COPY_EXISTING ~SPCL922.SPL~ ~override~	//Tracking
 READ_LONG  0x6a eff_offset
 READ_SHORT 0x70 glob_eff_cnt

 INSERT_BYTES eff_offset 0x30	   //fixing stockable Tracking innates
 WRITE_SHORT eff_offset	  172	//Remove spell
 WRITE_BYTE  eff_offset+2	1
 WRITE_BYTE  eff_offset+0x0c 1
 WRITE_BYTE  eff_offset+0x12 100
 WRITE_ASCII eff_offset+0x14 ~SPCL922~
 SET glob_eff_cnt = glob_eff_cnt + 1
 WRITE_SHORT 0x70 glob_eff_cnt

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+ I think all effects of that spell should Bypass Resistance.


+ a thought about 'Create inventory item'(122) opcodes in spells. Shouldn't they all bypass resistance? I can give a list of possible suspects there: SPCL918, SPCL919, SPCL931, SPCL932, SPCL933, CDHLYSYM, SPIN829, SPPR207, SPWISH13

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Anything where the spell targets self and the effect targets self already bypasses resistances. Only if the spell targets something else do you get resistance issues.


Tracking cannot be resisted (except through the immunity to tracking effect).


Spells like Spell Shield were coded that way because: the reflection/deflection effect shouldn't be dispelled, but will still rarely last the full duration, and there's no way to synchronize all the other effects (this is why these types of effects have their visuals hard-coded). The easiest way to make this suck a tiny bit less is to allow all the other effects (expiry sound, icon, color effects, etc.) to be dispelled.


Hardly perfect, but that's the engine.

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