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IWD2: itemtypes


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Not too significant, but this is how the original authors intended them:


"0x2A-Candle","0x2B-Child body","0x2C-Club","0x2D-Female body",

"0x2E-Key","0x2F-Large shield","0x30-Male body","0x31-Medium shield",

"0x32-Notes","0x33-Rod","0x34-Skull","0x35-Small shield",

"0x36-Spider body","0x37-Telescope","0x38-Drink","0x39-Great sword",

"0x3a-Container","0x3b-Fur/pelt","0x3c-Leather armor","0x3d-Studded leather",

"0x3e-Chain mail","0x3f-Splint mail","0x40-Half plate","0x41-Full plate",

"0x42-Hide armor","0x43-Robe","0x44-Scale mail","0x45-Bastard sword",



(See itemtype.src)

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The difference is mostly in the pickup sound/store.

And of course you can always replace the sound, and create a special store which accepts the new


So, in iwd2 there are about 5 unused itemtype slots (if you ever need one).

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Seems like a good place to put BG1/2 item type clarifications...


0x0D = Food (non-functional in BG1; see notes below)

0x13 = Small Swords (from Short Sword to Scimitar; IESDP says "Short Swords")

0x14 = Large Swords (from Long Sword to Two-Handed Sword; IESDP says "Long Swords")

0x24 = Containers (BG2; IESDP says "bag" but that's only one type of container)

0x25 = Books (BG2; IESDP says "broken shield/bracelet")

0x26 = Familiars (BG2; IESDP says "broken sword/earring")


BG1 Item Types range from 0x00 (Misc.) to 0x23 (Wands).

BG2 Item Types include BG1 Item Types and range from 0x00 (Misc.) to 0x26 (Familiars).




0x08 (Keys) works in both BG1 and BG2, but differently. BG1 currently doesn't use this item type at all, even for MISC93.ITM (odd looking key). However, the item type works, has a special 'rustling keys' sound effect, and can be used with locked doors, though in BG1 any item can be used as a key so this is mostly cosmetic. Of further note in BG1 is that a key will allow you to open a locked (100% diff.) door, but will not clear the Locked flag for that door. So if you close the door and later return without the key, you will not be able to re-open the door. BG2's "Uses Key" flag (Bit 10) doesn't function in BG1; the key remains in your inventory until you get rid of it.


0x0D (Food) is unused in BG1; when picked up it can only sit in backpack slots or on the ground, and right-clicking offers no way to use the item. In BG2 this was made to function like Misc in that the food item can be placed into the Quick Item slots for subsequent use. There is no special sound effect. No items use this type in BG1, and only GBERRY.ITM uses it in BG2. In BG2 the edible Tree of Life nuts (MISCBQ.ITM) are set to Misc by default, but can be reset to Food and will work just the same. In BG2 the only real functionality is to allow stores to differentiate between food and other items in what they'll buy from the player.


0x26 (Familiars) provides special right-click functionality for releasing the familiar, and prevents the familiar from being picked up and moved around while in inventory.


The broken items from 0x24 to 0x26 are not BG2 item types; the broken items in BG1/2 use the 0x00 Misc. item type.

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