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Version 2 of Amber released!


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It's Tuesday again (merely a coincidence, I swear!) and this Tuesday comes with a new version of Amber.


Download links can be found in the download thread.


In version 2 following issues were addressed:


- Added dialog options to prison personnel to enable the continuation of Jan's quest while Amber's quest is underway.

- Added dialog options to prison personnel for enquiring the current whereabouts of the prison keeper while he's away.

- Fixed the problem of Amber choking on install if action.ids has a SoA version of the action Shout().

- Added a missing link to Amber's joining dialogue (after Anomen's comment)

- The third quest can no longer begin from Imnesvale.

- Removed extra backslashes that prevented Amber's music from installing on older Windows versions.

- Foolproofed setting of Amber's romance timer.

- Fixed typos in the code related to setting some non-critical variables.

- Corrected logical inconsistencies in dialogue related to Amber's second quest.

- Added InParty checks to Amber's Tree of Life dialog.

- Added more opportunities to make Amber like you :p.

- Replaced the POISONEDshout in Amber's combat script with its numerical equivalent in order to enhance compatibility with other mods.

- Set the post-vampire talk to occur sooner than it did before.

- Chapter talks no longer occur if Amber is upset.

- Added customised Waterdeep talks for Player 2.

- Amber's scripts and dialogs now use the correct death variable for Bodhi.

- Corrected a critical typo in the trigger of an Amber-initiated Player 2 flirt.

- Corrected "Loacals" to "Locals" in some local variables.

- Shifted critical script blocks from the bottom of baldur.bcs to the top to ensure that they fire when supposed to.

- Changed the file Amber uses to check for the presence of ToB.

- Added a See() check for all flirts and love talks.

- Fixed some miscellaneous typos in various dialogs.

-Removed remaining references to Player 2 character being a Bhallspawn from some P2 flirts.

- Fixed the issue with the Bath lovetalk triggering for Player 1 although Player 2 is romancing Amber.

- Updated the patching routine for the prison cell door to be more secure and compatible with other mods.


New content in version 2:


- Added voicing to the Easter egg!

- Added a click-talk option which lets the player know what's going on with Amber at the moment.*

- Added Trademeet-specific comments to Amber's third quest.

- Added more hints to the third quest. Now all Bio NPCs save Imoen and Cernd can give you a hint.


Other noteworthy things:


- Amber is no longer compatible with earlier versions (v.32 or earlier) of Item Upgrade, unless IU is installed after Amber. Please use v33 of Item Upgrade, which will work regardless of the installation order.



*The new click-talk option is: "How are you doing, Amber?" It serves two purposes: firstly you can monitor how much Amber likes you based on how she reacts to that question. Although currently there's only a very basic range available from 'Amber doesn't like you at all' to 'neutral' and 'Amber likes you a lot'. Secondly, whenever there's a talk coming up that has more specific conditions than simply the expired timer, Amber's answer to the question will give you a hint on how to meet those conditions.

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Guest Guest_Malik_*

Hey, congrats! That's really awesome news.

I don't have to start a new game before installing version 2, do I? I'm currently playing the player 2 romance, and I've just *rescued* Amber from Ymmyrt and his gang.

Once again, congratulations

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No, you shouldn't need to start a new game, but remember to uninstall and remove the version 1.1. before copying v2 to you BG2 folder. And before uninstalling 1.1 uninstall any other mods you installed after Amber. If Amber name and/or soundset seem funky when you load your game, select Amber and press SHIFT-k.

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