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Help recreating Wish Rest as an innate ability


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Hi, I'm looking at possibly making some of the magic users in BG2 a bit more of a challenge by letting them use wish rest just like the players do, but I'm having trouble recreating the effect. I can find the right effect I want in Cromwell's Smithy and I could make an item to do it, but when I go into IEEP Spell Maker, I can't find the effect, so should I try using a different program, like NearInfinity? I've tried using DLTCEP but I ran into quite a few problems getting it set up properly so I decided to stay with IEEP at the time. Any help with this problem would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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Welcome to G3!


The spell file is SPWISH16.SPL--the effects all target Party, though, so you might want to change that. :p


The specific effect to do the resting is numbered 316, according to NI. If you can't see it in IEEP then your .DAT files are probably outdated. IIRC, the most recent ones are available to download via the IESDP (link at the top of the page, if you're using the default skin).


When you have the most recent .DATs, though, it shouldn't make a difference whether you use IEEP, NI or DLTCEP. If you are new to editing it is probably worth getting used to DLTCEP over IEEP, as the former is more powerful (although I am used to IEEP so haven't made the change yet).


If you want to make it an actual innate then you'll need to change the spell type to innate in the effect and main headers, but if you were going to have them cast it via ReallyForceSpellRES() in a script it won't matter.


Hope this helps...

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