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Honest Thief?


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OK, I want to make an NPC with a conscionce. I want him to refuse to pickpocket a good person, or to unlock an "owned" chest.


Now, the InteractingWith() trigger seems to be suggestive; but I can't seem to figure out how to find out if my character's been told to do a specific action.

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I don't think it is directly possible. Unless you made every lock unpickable, and creating invisible creatures guarding them, and somehow made him interact with them (resulting in an opened lock if it's one you'd want him to agree to open).

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Well, I was thinking LastTargetedBy(Myself) could work to know I'm loking at a container, somehow. If you look at AR0602.BCS, you see that Container identifiers may be used as objects.


But it looks like the "someone has noticed you" stuff is from a script, anyway, so I could EXTEND_BOTTOM and check for my honest theif, and then have him start a dialog like "um, no, That's someone's property, I'm not going to open that for you."


I think I'll have to try that... Unlock([ANYONE]) would be too late... I'd have to catch it when it was being targeted for the unlock action, somehow.

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I did something like this, when opened a container: start a dialog.

It works most of the time, but you can pause the game and still take the stuff.

Yes, that is what I expected. Maybe if I caught it on the "Unlock" and re-locked if Jonathan was doing the unlock... no, because then it becomes an infinite exp thing. Have to stop it before he touches the chest at all.

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