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New spells + ideas


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Hmm... there's not too much druidic and ranger spells. Maybe you can create more at V4? I've got some propositions.


Pass Without Trace (Enchantment/Charm)

Level: 1

Sphere: Plant

Duration: 1 turn per level

Casting time: 1 round

Area affect: caster

Saving throw: None


This spell grants to caster immunity to spells which try to slow or hold, but only by natural things: entangle, grease and web. Also it grants him un-detection for spell duration.


Invisibility to Animals (Alteration)

Level: 1

Sphere: Animals

Duration: 1 turn + 1 round per level

Area of effect: 1 creature

Casting time: 4

Saving throw: None


When an invisibility to animals spell is cast, the creature touched becomes totally undetectable by normal animals. The enchanted individual is able to walk among such animals or pass through them as if he did not exist. For example, this individual could stand before the hungriest of lions or a tyrannosaurus rex and not be molested or even noticed.


Dust Devil (Conjuration/Summoning)

Level: 2

Sphere: Elemental (air)

Duration: 2 rounds/level

Saving throw: None


This spell enables a priest to conjure up a weak air elemental - a dust devil. It have got AC4, 2K10 hp and attack by 1D4 damages. Also he's got wind aura, which grants for all in 5' radius -25% chance to cast spell nad cause blindness for round (saving throw vs. wands with +1 modifier).


And a one thing for rangers. I have got on some CD my script, which grants him -50% to hide in shadows, when they're in city (like in PnP).


Do you want to use it? If yes - I will search it :p

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Oooh, now that's a kit I'd love to see, maybe as part of a shadow druid kit: backstab ability, and hide in shadows like a ranger.


"Yeah, Faldorn, I'm here to take over the grove, because I don't think you've been going about destroying trademeet properly. I think it could have been done much more effectively, and causing animals to die to do it is wholly unneeded."


Complete with alternative ending with wholly destroyed town of trademeet location...


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Hm... I don't think so. Druid can't dualclass into thief, and that invisibility with non-detection don't give him too much in ofense. He can only be better scout.

True, but immunity to detection by other spells does keep the druid protected in such a way fairly safe from attack. Combine that with Improved Invisibility and you've got one hard to hit druid.

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