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memory corruption problem

Guest raistlin

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Guest raistlin


I've just recompiled gemrb from the cvs.

All goes well until I press the "accept" button after the last character creation screen.

The message displayed by the consolle is:


Added 704 Samples[KEYImporter]: Searching for charbase.cre...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for fist.itm...[FOUND]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for startpos.2da...[FOUND]


Alignment: 11, Kit:0 Usability 14

[KEYImporter]: Searching for SPWI100.spl...[ERROR]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for SPWI101.spl...[FOUND]

*** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption: 0x08b4b488 ***



I had no problems with the older cvs versions.


I run gemrb under ubuntu 6.06

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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