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Bugs in version 2


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This is a list of bugs still found in version 2.


I'll lock this thread on purpose. You can still post bugs in separete threads, so that bugs caused by different issues don't get mixed up and that no-one's report gets lost among other posts.


* If M#AmberLike variable is set to 110 or greater you will get an empty reply option when using the "How are you doing, Amber?" - feature. Fixed for the next version.


* If you spend a relatively long time in solving the third quest Amber's romance will end because of a coding accident. Fixed for the next version.


* If you cast spells (hold, fear etc.) that prevent Lorraine from speaking in the third quest you'll have to wait until the spells expire before she speaks. Before she speaks she can take infinite amount of damage. Fixed for the next version. Thanks, Avenger!

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* The Ust Natha pit fight interjection assumes that the Protagonist was the one slaughtering the drow? Fixed for the next version.


* A no-valid replies or links in a Amber initiated flirt (P2 only?)?


* A mix up in the conditions that determine which of the two alternatives is Amber's first line in the 'I'm sorry' talk (P2 only?)? Fixed for the next version.

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* Not really a bug, but from the next version onwards the AudioUnpack.bat will be executed during the WeiDU installation, not after it. That way we can avoid skipping the unpacking of audio files and area tilesets by accident. Fixed for the next version.


* Couple empty Amber's SAY lines in P2' romance track. Fixed for the next version.

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If you flirt with Phaere (in the Drow tavern) when the protagonist is romancing Amber, but you have not yet entered the serious stage of the romance, the comment that Amber tries to make will cause stutter. Fixed for the next release.

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