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PnP Celestials

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I've made the spanish translation.


how can I send you it?

It'd probably be best to upload it to the net somewhere and post a link here.

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1. the monadic deva simply shows a fist in its weapon slot instead of its +3 weapon icon (and name).



2. the planetar wielding the +4 weapon is named "Flaming Long Sword +1" for some reason (if installed with the bg2 fixpack). if the fixpack is not installed, the weapon doesn't even have a name beerchug.gif



3. even though both the deva and the planetar have the same duration (i.e. 4 rounds + 1 round / level), the deva's seems to expire much faster.

This is fine AFAICT.


also, there seems to be some incompatibility with the fixpack's core component. every time any of the celestials hit some creature, you'd get some garbled string in the dialog window.


"Astral Deva did 36 damage to [some creature]"

"Astral Deva - You have come for a reason. Out with it: Astral Deva"


seems like some problem with the NOATTACK.spl or something.



there is one more thing i wanted to add. CA#PLAN.CRE has a nonexistent pair of boots CA#PBOOT in its inventory. according to the tp2, it might have been CA#SBOOT.



and Caed also has a few text files in some folders that look like 'to-do' lists. some of them seem like simple things (name/icon changes) in case you/cmorgan are planning on updating...

Looking at it.

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