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Xan Quest


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I am new to this forum.


I don't know if this is old or not, but when i bought a bag of turnips & a bag of grain, the turnips said they weighed 20 which is OK, the bag of corn said it weighed 50 but in game it weighs 20 the same as the turnips.

Is the discription wrong or the weight?

Has this been fixed in the next version soon to be released?




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Welcome! I will take a look and see, but I believe that the easy fix here is to make the description match. A 20 lb sack of grain should probably weigh 20 lbs, and be labelled as such. I will fix it immediately. It will not be change in the Beta, as that has been out of my hands for awhile, but will be fixed in the full release near the end of September. Thank you for posting the error.

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in my game(V12 beta), after the quest, all of David's assistants(10 in total) have stayed, and became joinable NPC, LV12 thief with Dex18, Int19, most thief skills are 110, wow, i'm going around with one in my team now, wondering if she has any banters? :blush:

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I had better check this. CamDawg came up with a wicked cool way to create dv's by patching and overpatching; I bet they were not correctly assigned... yup, they all have X#ASSIST as a DV. I doubt you will have problems using her in game, but there will be no banters - she uses a female voice set but has nothing beyond the "vacant stare" dialogue! I think if you used the "Non-Joinable Portraits" component, she will have a different small portrait drom her large portrait, but then again, she is just a FigNewton of your imagination...(roll cheezy '80's music here!)


Fixed locally;


changed cutscenes to use .cre name and DV as same value X#ASSI01 - 11 (X#DAV01, X#DAV02), and amended tp2 lines to read


COPY ~BG1NPC/Phase2/CRE/X#ASSI01.CRE~ ~override~
 ~BG1NPC/Phase2/CRE/X#ASSI02.CRE~ ~override~
 WRITE_ASCII 0x2CC ~X#ASSIST~ #8 // dialog
 WRITE_ASCII 0x34 ~~ #8 //small portrait
 WRITE_EVALUATED_ASCII 0x280 ~%SOURCE_RES%~ #32 // death variable

Cam, please weigh in and tell me if I am using this incorrectly...

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yes, she works fine in game.




there is an other small bug in game


when i picked up Eldoth in Cloakwood, he started this banter immediately:


- would you care to hear my latest composition, CHARNAME?

missed <> here?




- comes And the Crone said (and that when everyone can join in!)

there is no 'Crone' or Coran in my group


and when the first time i talked to him(player-initiated dialogue), he asked me if i want to get skie now, i said yes, then he teleported me to the other part of cloakwood

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You are a very brave person... please let me know if The Vault works. The docs say it has to be put on your install before conversion; if the author has fixed this, please let me know, because I have always wanted to be able to try that mod without a crash!


That being said, none of those has anything that I mknow of that would interfere with Eldoth this way. I have supposedly fixed this by


Playthrough notes from me:

After picking up Eldoth and entering Beregost, PID with Eldoth results in him forcing the party to move to the upper left corner of the map and trying to initiate his quest. Need to add condition checks to this sequence and disable it until he is in the correct area. Eldoth's "no condition" first talk was the entry to AR0100, without area check, that started the Rescue Skie sequence.


in D:\Black Isle\BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase3\MOVELOC\DLG\X#ELDOTHN.D

REPLACE_STATE_TRIGGER _ELDOTJ 0 ~Global("EldothMove","GLOBAL",0) InParty("eldoth") AreaCheck("FW0100")~

This worked for me, but is not working for you... for some reason, the area check is returning true, even though there is no way you are in BG at the map that contains the Silvershield Estate. Unfortunately, Eldoth is about to take off, as he has a timer start counting on Skie's quest that you cannot meet.


I will ask for ideas as to why this code is failing; if worst comes to worst, I can completely disable the quest if you get Eldoth early, but I think that is a big mistake... do you have NI or DLTCEP? If you do, I would really love a decompiled version of your _ELDOTJ.DLG to check this...


oh, and I have fixed those other two locally (although The Crone is part of the poem, not a character :blush: ).

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Confirming; on my install the conditions for _ELDOTJ State 0 (this particular talk) are Global("EldothMove","GLOBAL",0)




EldothMove is the variable associated with the walk to the silvershields cutscene-like action you saw.


BUT... The Plot Thickens! I have no idea how a PID call would drag in the _ELDOTH.DLG, but there is an open state there that is identical; it has NOT been dealt with! Just to make sure, I will add the same conditions to this state. A Guru will need to help me, here, to figure out if something else is happening.


EDIT: Just tested it, and after I added the extrra code, Eldoth's PID when I have had him join works great. If you don't have NI or DLTCEP, you can try this:

1. Find the file BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase3\MOVELOC\DLG\X#ELDOTHN.D

2. open it with notepad (it is just a text file) and add a second line, so that the entire file looks like this:

REPLACE_STATE_TRIGGER _ELDOTJ 0 ~Global("EldothMove","GLOBAL",0) InParty("eldoth") AreaCheck("FW0100")~

REPLACE_STATE_TRIGGER _ELDOTH 8 ~Global("EldothMove","GLOBAL",0) InParty("eldoth") AreaCheck("FW0100")~

3. No need to uninstall; Run Setup-BG1NPC again, keeping everything just as it was (use "n" for "n"o change) until you get to the Eldoth move location component. There, press "R"einstall.

Now go back to a save before you picked up Eldoth, and pick him up again. Right after he joins, try the PID interaction again. It is definitely working on my EasyTutu install; I hope this fixes it for you!

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