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Tutu gem bags - where are they?


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I have a lot of mods running, below is my mod list. I have the Tweak Pack Exotic Items component installed, and I'm not finding the gem bags. If memory serves they could be found at FAI?... anyway, they're not there, though. I've looked for a gem bag at High Hedge, the Friendly Arm, Thunderhammer Smithy, Feldepost's, Nashkel store, Ulgoth's Beard Inn, Sorcerous Sundries, and several stores in BG city. I'm finding just about everything else, i.e., scroll case, potion case, bag of holding, ammo belt, etc. Anyone know where I should be looking?




Baldurdash FixPack


Easy Tutu Degreenifier

Tutu Fix v.17

Easy Tutu NPC Selection


Finch NPC

BG1 NPC Banter Pack

Herbs & Potions Add-in

Grey Clan

Sword Coast Stratagems

Wild Mage Additions

Song and Silence

BG2 Tweak Pack

Divine Remix

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No, I installed everything in the above order (best as I can remember) and started the game.


I did notice that at one point ammo, potions, scrolls, etc., stopped infinitely stacking, which is one of the components I had installed. So I reinstalled that component, and it worked again. I guess I can always reinstall the Exotic Items component and see what happens.


Not sure if this is connected, but I had experienced a Beregost crashing bug after returning from the Nashkel mines. I had already done the protocol for save games upon initially entering and leaving Beregost. On the return trip from the mines I crashed, so I tried entering Beregost from a different location and was able to continue the game that way. I'm pretty sure it was after that that I noticed that the items weren't infinitely stacking.


Edit: Hmm, interestingly, when I run the reinstallation I'm not seeing the [R]e-installation option for Exotic Items, but rather the nstall option. component This is also true for all the the Content components I have already installed. Anyway, I reinstalled Exotic Items and the gem bag still isn't to be found in Bentley's store. I ended up having to add it via Shadowkeeper.

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Ah, thanks. The Exotic Items readme section just stays "containers," whereas the Bags of Holding description is more specific.


What's weird, though, is that the other items listed such as the scroll case, potion case, ammo belt (I think I bought that at either Thunderhammer or the Nashkel Fair...), and bag of holding are in the game. I haven't visited Black Lilly's yet. Anyway, it's just that one item, the gem bag, that's missing. I reinstalled the Add Bag of Holding component, and the gem bag is still not in Bentley's inventory.

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