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Romance Conflicts

Guest Nivea

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I am haveing a very hard time getting any of the romance conflicts between the 3 males you can have, I have had them all in the group as fast as I find them but still I end up with getting to far into Xan's romance and can either keep going of let him go.


My question is, is there a way to get Coran eailer I have been looking around but cant find anything to open up the map.

Any suggestions would be great.


Btw you all have done a amazing job on all the characters it makes me want to have everyone in the party, makeing me replay over again.

I look forward to the new release of it! :blush:

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I never made it to the conflict, but I did manage to get all 3 boys on the same LT at the same time. I set Ajantis' timer to 1.5 hours, Xan's to 1 hour, and Coran's to 45 minutes.


Immediately after heading up to the FAI, Immy and Eleniel, my elven cleric, went and picked up Ajantis, then beat feet down to the Nashkel mines as quickly as possible. Ajantis' romance started on the way to Nashkel, but with the longer timer, I wasn't terribly worried about it. We picked up Xan, then shot back to Nashkel just long enough to check in with Berun Ghastkill to get credit for completing the quest. Then we stopped in Beregost just long enough to chat with E and get the instructions to head north. Xan's romance, too was now underway. Then, we went west from the FAI to Peldvale and cut across the northern bit of the map until we met Raiken, or whatever his name was, and he took us to the bandit camp. Once we were through Tazok's tent, Cloakwood was available, so back to FAI, over to Cloakwood 1, and got Coran. All as quickly as possible, resting only when Xan started to whine about being tired. *After* we picked up Coran, we went back and did all the side quests, talked to Officer Vai, etc.


Using the handy romance guide, I figured out which LT everyone was on. Xan and Ajantis were on the same LT, so I reinstalled Xan's timer to be 1.5 hours to give Coran a chance to catch up. He's an eager lad. It didn't take long. Once they were all on the same number, I reinstalled everyone's timer to 1 hour.


Got some cool verbal sparring between the boys, and was looking forward to seeing the conflict, and alpha 12 came out, so I changed my installation.


Here's a hint which will save you much confusion and might avoid hanging LTs (ones that fail to fire when they should). Initiate PID (player-initiated dialog) very often. Sometimes, a talk will be set to fire, but won't for whatever reason. So it sits there in the cue, blocking other talks that should be happening. The first sign of a blocked dialog might be when an interjection is not the same as it was last time. If this happens, when you click talk the npc(s), you may get things you would not expect in PID: LTs, interjections, timed or scripted banters, but eventually you will see the regular PID menu. That's your clue that the cue is clear and nobody else has anything they need to get off their chest, as it were.

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i also used timer to get the conflicts, and it's quite easy. i set xan to 1hour(i'm only interest in him but it's a lot a fun to see the three guys fight over me :blush: ), both Ajantis and Conran to 15mins. pick up xan first, go around do some quests, then pick up Ajantis right before meet Conran, the three LT will go almost parallel, a lot of xan's later LT require rest, so you can control it. in my experience it's alway Ajantis reached the crucial LT first, but if you don't go to any cities, the LT won't trigger, so it's also under your control, i always can get the conflicts through this way, and Conran is sooooo hilarious in the conflicts!!! oh, i LOVE this mod, great work!




i don't know if it's a small bug or what, if there is the romance competitor in the group, the kiss option in xan's flirt will gone as soon as you kick all competitors out, you need to wait for the second flirt pack(i mean the one after commitment) to get it back, that happens to me everytime.




sorry for the bad english

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Hmm I hadnt thought about changeing the LT timers for them, forgot they where there. Thats a great idea, thanks alot hehe I mostly want Xan but I find the others to be fun to flirt with :blush:

Does Xan take part in the conflict, I never had the chance with him there?


I guess I should wait till V12 is out but I am so impaitent lol

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