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Happy Birthday Fitz!

Grim Squeaker

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Yes, it's Dancer Fitz' birthday, although she's tried to hide it from the modding community (Bad Fitz!). I'll be nice, however, and not say how old she is...


I doubt she'll post here today (well maybe in the evening) due to being in an advanced state of drunkeness... :rant:


Edit: And yet she's online anyway...

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Happy Birthday to you too, Dancer Fitz! :rant:


Hmm... many people seem have birthday 1st of May: Dancer, Rusalka and my mother-in-law. Makes the day even happier eh..? :)

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Thank you... Thank you all. ^^


I'm yet to be kidnapped, Grim, though the mate is not making me feel better with her "Oh, you like me now, but just wait..." whenever I thank her for the cake and other things she's done so far...




Will update later.


If alive.

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